The perfect companion to every musician, here is the Apogee One Review. I think every musician and singer aspires to one day own their own recording studio, and as technology crazily improves over the years, so these dreams and aspirations become evermore achievable, with amazing products like Apple macs with programs like Garageband and Logic allowing you the ability to make fantastic quality recordings from the comfort of your own home, with a little know how and the right equipment of course. That leads me on to this most amazing piece of kit I had the pleasure to work with and review, the Apogee One.

You never know when you're going to be prodded by the finger of inspiration, when that chorus idea or riff pops into your head and you just need to get to work on it immediately. What do you do? Do you call up the recording studio, try and book a slot and hope the inspiration sticks around?

Thats the beauty of this little wonder. The Apogee One is a pocket sized music interface with a built in condenser microphone and high quality DA/AD converters. Well, basically its an all in one way to record your music onto your mac, ready to work on with Garageband or Logic or whatever your platform is.Apogee One Review(43018)

The Apogee One connects straight to your computer via USB and then you can plug in your guitar, bass guitar, keyboard etc straight into the instrument input to lay down your tracks and you can record your vocals and acoustic guitar and even drums using the Apogee One's excellent built in microphone. Or plug in your own microphone if you like, so easy to use, especially if coupled with the Apogee One Mic Mount.

It features the award winning sound quality that make Apogee products legendary in the recording industry. Its single channel so you'll have to record each instrument and vocal in turn, but thats a small price to pay for such an amazing and convenient piece of equipment. 

The Apogee One is a fantastic and very affordable way to having your own home studio and creating your own musical masterpieces. It's obviously not a complete substitute for a proper recording studio full of professional sound technicians and audio wizardry but at the end of the day, many great, great albums have been created on a lot worse than it.

My review of the Apogee ONE is only going on the few days I had working with it with a friend so I don't yet know the full in's and out's and capabilities of it, but from what I saw it is an invaluable tool in any musicians arsenal and 100% the next piece of kit I will be buying, who'd of thought you'd be able to fit a whole recording studio in your backpack and travel around with it.

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