Bug Village is a strategy/time management game made by Glu. This easy game allows the user to start and build a bug colony with ants,bees,and beetles. In the game you can start missions,build huts,decorate village and much more. In this article I will give you my personal opinion of the game and explain how to play this fun and exiting game.


Bug Village is not for everyone. Some people who get the game will think it is stupid and that's okay but what you need to know about the game is that it takes time. You can't just build a huge village in 20 minutes every day you need to be working on your village and building. This is why some people don't like the game. Another reason is that eer 50 hours or so you got to go back and feed your bugs or else they wont work. This can get annoying because almost everyday I Have to feed my bugs in the village. Other then that though the game is great. The graphics are standard for Glu games. Although they are not as good as Big Time Gangster they can compare. The game offers never ending levels with new challenges as you expand your village. There are also a lot of great updates to further enhance the user experience of the game. In conclusion whether you have a android,apple or even blackberry device Bug Village is a great game to have.


How To Play

The Gameplay for Bug Village is quite easy. When you start the game the tutorial helps you set up a couple of huts and food piles where the bugs will get you money.  As with most Glu games there are 2 types of currencies Acorns which are the standard currency which you can get every time you help the village or complete a mission. There is also the premium currency called coins which you can get when you download a game from a list or buy them. The premium currency is not needed to succeed in the fame but it can make a huge difference in how far you will get in the game. Some items can only be bought with the premium currency and if you don't have any you will really miss out.

         Advancing through the game is really easy. As long as you complete lots of missions that only require a touch of a button you can get farther in the game. The more missions you complete the more money you will get for better upgrades so be sure not to spend the money you get to fast. Once you get to higher levels things will get more expensive.



Bug village is a fun game. It has some glitches and inconsistencies but overall the game is pretty good. Unlike many games out on the market today Bug Village has amazing graphics and an easy to use interface. This game is compatible with almost any device including tablets,iPhones and smartphones. Out of 5 stars I give Bug Village a 4 because:


  •  There is no story line to the game.
  • The game gets boring after a while because you constantly have to wait for your missions to be completed.
  • The game is hard to complete without spending real money.
  •  You have to be on the game at least every 50 hours or else your bugs will starve.
  • The game is free to download.
  • The game is easy to play and offers users the ability to make a huge village.
  • The game is constantly updated.
  • The game has an easy to use interface and a great concept behind it.
  • It is a fun and exiting game
  • It has great graphics.

Bug Village
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