Ever since the time when search engines were first launched, thousands of SEO experts have been experimenting on ways to push the websites up the search engine rankings. They have tried to make it more beneficial for merchants and people running businesses over the web. It is not an easy task by any means, especially considering the fact that there are thousands of websites that sell similar products or services. The first step of SEO is to identify the micro niche and the target customers for a business.

 Similarly, when people are in need of a mobile app, they will enter the search terms in the search box at the app stores. As their search results, they find high rated apps that are popular with many users. As they scroll down, they will find the lesser rated apps. The most downloaded ones usually show up on the top. Also the apps will be segregated according to various categories. So, if you want to take your app to get top rankings under its category, then you will need to implement some app store optimization techniques. 

 Useful Content: Everything revolves around the keywords, but using many keywords with poor content will not work either. The focus should be on making useful contents that are actually helpful to the readers. Only then you could allure the users to download your apps.


Workable Keywords:


The normal SEO Keyword tools might not work on ASO. You will need to use the keyword research tools that monitor the search engines at the app stores. Only then you could identify the popular keywords that will effectively work towards facilitating better visibility for your apps at the stores.

 Alternatively, one could also visit the App market and analyze the search suggestions while typing the search terms. The suggestions that you see while typing are nothing but the popular keywords that can be used in your content. ITunes, for instance, work on relevancy, which is by making use of keywords that show on the App name, Descriptions, or Tags.


Smart Description:

 After collecting the keywords, you should use them smartly in you app description at the stores. Some apps still show up on the top of search results even if they do not include keywords. This is because they probably contain a well written description and tags, which the search engines at the stores might consider relevant. However, the chances of better app exposure without using keywords are bleak.

 With the growing popularity of smartphones and tablet PCs,  App store optimization plays a major role in marketing. You can browse the net for tips on ASO. Many websites provide free and useful information on this new marketing methodology.