App Trailers is an app that allows users to earn gift cards. This app is free and has been downloaded by many people. This article is an uncensored review of the app.

App trailers allows users to get points which can be redeemed for gift cars by watching app trailers or by downloading games. The app  is free to download on both the android and apple market.  

   It may take a while to get a gift card on app trailers. To get a 1.00 gift card to, you need 1,000 points. You get about 10-30 points for watching a 2 minute trailer of an app and get about 50 points for downloading an app. Based on these numbers, it may take you a while to redeem your points for a gift card. This is the main drawback to the app, the fact that it is not a get rich quick scheme. The good thing though is that you get paid to watch trailers and find new apps that you might want to download. This can take the place of scouring the app market for cool apps, since you basically get paid to find apps which is something most people already do. This is why many people are attracted to app trailers.

There are about 25 gift cards available on the site.The most inexpensive gift card available through app trailers is a .15 cent paypal gift card which you only need 150 points to get. The most expensive gift card is a 25 dollar card to Lowes, which costs 25,000 points.


A great way to earn a lot of points through app trailers is to refer new member. By referring new members you get 250 points. You are not the only person who benefits though, new members get 50 points, if they say that they were refered by you. Using this system everyone wins! When using app trailers you will see an offer were you can type in the code of the person who refered you to get 50 points. My code is norisrages1 . Once you have written the code in, you should get 50 points which will help you get gift cards. When referring people to the program, remember to give them your code so that they can make the 50 points and you can make points too. You get 250 points per referral which can be exchanged for about 25 cents.



On the android market, App Trailers has a 4 out of 5 star review. I give the app a 3 1/2 out of 5 star rating. Below I have listed my reasons why and have stated if the opinion positively affected my rating or negatively affected my rating.

  1. Negative: It can take a while to accumulate enough points for a gift card
  2. Positive:Since most people would look for apps anyway, it makes sense to do it and get paid for it.
  3. Positive: The referral program allows everyone to benefit.
  4. Negative: The selection of trailers to choose from can be small at time.
  5. Negative: The app rarely but sometimes glitches
  6. Positive:The app is free.

Despite my 3 1/2 out of 5 star rating, I recommend getting this app. For people who are constantly on the lookout for new apps, this app helps. What is better than getting paid to do something you already do!!