Apple has recently stated that they have sold approximately 189 million iOS Devices. There are more iOS (Apple Mobile Device) users now than ever. The Apple App Store is booming and according to CNN Money “Apple users buying 61% more apps, paying 14% more per app” with that in mind is why there is so much hype about the introduction of iOS 5. Although Apple hasn’t stated an exact release date we have compiled a list of notable changes to give you a little taste (or tease) of things to come.

• iCloud –  iCloud is likely the most notable feature to be integrated into the iOS. iCloud stores all of your content so it is available on all of your Mac devices (photos, music, documents, everything!) Finally we will have a seamless way to synch all of our Apple devices! When you sign up you will automatically get 5GB of free storage. Note that your purchased music, apps and books as well as your Photo Stream don’t count against your free storage.

• All new Notification Center - If you have migrated from an Android device you will be happy to hear that Apple has introduced a very similar notification bar which can be activated by swiping down from the top of any screen. In this notification center you can choose which notifications you would like to see. Notifications have also made their way onto the lock screen. Apple states that the “Notification Center is the best way to stay on top of your life’s breaking news.” Whether you believe this or not we are happy to finally be rid of annoying pop-up notifications when we’re playing Angry Birds.


• iMessage – Blackberry users already are familiar with BBM (Blackberry Messaging) and how useful it is. In fact I’m sure that there is still a huge following for RIM devices due to the BBM feature alone. iMessage promises to bring the BBM feel to iOS users. You can now also send unlimited text messages via Wifi or 3G. iMessage introduces group messaging and you still have the ability to send text, photos, videos and location information along with contact details.


• Newsstand is a new place to house all your magazine and newspaper subscriptions. As far as we can tell the interface seems very similar to iBooks only it will aggregate all of your current magazine and newspaper subscriptions into one easy to use app. Then as new issues become available they Newsstand will automatically update this in the background along with cover art. Cool eh?

• Twitter Integration – This is pretty self explanatory however we’re happy to see it.

• Safari has been updated now with the ability to scan web articles for ads and clutter allowing you to read your favourite websites without distractions. Reading list function allows you to save interesting articles to read later. (iCloud compatible)

• Reminders – This is also pretty self explanatory. I’m sure all of you iOS users who needed an app to manage your reminders have already found alternatives on the App store however it is now a feature integrated into the new update. (iCloud compatible)

• Camera – The camera app now has a convenient little button located on the lock screen allowing you to capture those spontaneous events with a moments notice. The volume up button is now a shutter button and the introduction of single-tap focus and exposure locks are pretty nifty! (that’s right I said nifty.)



• Keyboard – Apple iPad users will be happy to hear that along with the introduction to iOS 5 Apple has also included a new split keyboard for those who don’t have hands like Andre the Giant.

split keyboard

• PC Free – Finally with iOS 5 you no longer require a PC to activate and setup your device. You can now do this wirelessly out of the box. This feature also lets you update your iOS software and backup and restore using iCloud.

Apple has stated that there are more than 200 new features so if none of the features noted above make you salivate simply head over to to checkout a complete list.

Apple don’t make us wait too long!