A couple of spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar a day will help melt away stubborn belly fat and disable illness causing bacteria in the body. The miracle liquid also helps stabilize blood sugar, banish bloat, prevent muscles soreness and lowers blood pressure.

Fatty Acid Oxidation Enzymes

Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid which accelerates the body’s production of fatty acid oxidation enzymes. Those enzymes block the body from storing incoming dietary fat plus helps the body break down and eliminate more existing body fat than just diet alone.

Vinegar Stabilizes Blood Sugar

Just two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar a day will help prevent blood sugar from surging and crashing. The stable blood sugar level throughout the day enables most people to eat fewer calories on average, and lose weight.

It’s the potassium in the vinegar that helps keep blood sugar stable and will help you maintain a flat belly. The vinegar’s abundant potassium content will flush out retained water tissues that would normally cause belly bloat. The potassium in vinegar will help prevent muscle pain and cramps after exertion.

Vinegar Keeps You Healthy

Apple cider vinegar contains a secret germ fighter called acetobacter. Acetobacter is a powerful microbe which binds to illness causing bacteria that has found it’s way into the body and disables them before they can wreak havoc in your system.

Apple cider vinegar also helps lower blood pressure, to help you maintain a healthy heart.

Use Caution with ACV

Apple cider vinegar with all it’s potent health benefits does need to be used with a little caution since it is basically liquid acid. Acetic acid, lactic acid, citrus acid and malic acid all neatly packaged in a jar. These acids can burn the mouth and esophagus if ACV is not diluted with water before drinking (don‘t take straight ‘shots‘ of ACV). The acids will also damage tooth enamel so sipping apple cider vinegar is not recommended. Dilute ACV with at least an equal amount of water and drink quickly, follow that up by rinsing the mouth with water and drinking additional water.