Apple Cider Vinegar works very well for many skin ailments, it is gentle, and can be used to help with acne, cracked dry skin, infections from piercings and more.

It is cheaper than commercial products, and is certainly worth a try.


To control and hopefully get rid of pimples and blemishes, all you need to do is mix one part of the vinegar (make sure it is apple cider) with 10 parts of water. You can keep this in a jar, and after you wash your face in the morning and at night, then you can dab the vinegar solution on your problem areas with a cotton ball.

It does not dry out your skin, and I found it works well. Research shows, that it helps to balance the PH in your skin, which can help to stop new breakouts!  I also think it smells nice too.


If you have just got your ears pierced, or anywhere else on your body, sometimes you can't help but get an inflammation or infection. Dab some of the vinegar on the piercings to relieve the symptoms and help get rid of redness.  This is the perfect solution for those more sensitive piercings anywhere on your body!

Of course, if this is something worse than a minor inflammation, you should see a doctor, but for minor irritations, this vinegar works well.

The following are some of my favorite uses for this vinegar:


After you wash your face, take one tablespoon of the vinegar and mix it with 2 cups of water, as a last rinse on your face. This helps to cleanse your face and tighten your skin pores and it feels good.  It makes your skin feel cleaner.  You can do this quickly by having it measured out and putting in the plug in the sink then put your 2 cups of water in and the vinegar and rinse your face.


You can simply add 1/2 cup of vinegar to a 4 cup measuring jug and use it as the last rinse to get out any shampoo residue, this works well if you have hard water.  It will leave your hair shiny.


Now the jury is still out on this one, but I have heard this recipe for years to help with digestion, my grandmother always used this to aid digestion after a big meal, which many people feel helps you to lose weight. The idea is, that you drink a glass of water (at least 8 ounces) with one tablespoon of  the vinegar and a tablespoon of honey has been added. You are suppose to drink this before each meal to aid in digestion and weight loss.Apple Cider VinegarCredit:

After research, I have found a 50/50 believe in whether this works or not, but it is good for you, so it can't hurt! My mother has sworn by this for years. She likes to have one glass of water upon arising with one tablespoon of the vinegar in it. She says it helps with her digestion and good health for the day.


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Do you have a wart? you just have not got around to getting rid of, or don't want to use the harsh chemicals? Then try this method: Put the vinegar on a band aid, and wrap it around the wart. Replace this band aid each night with a new batch of vinegar on it, and after about a week, the wart should be gone or almost gone.

But if it is still there, then you should see a doctor..

Apple cider vinegar, has been used as a home remedy for generations. My own mother and grandmother bought jugs of it, and used it for everything from skin ailments to sore throats, and even a toothache. It was always around as I grew up.  You can get this in large containers and is an affordable way to help with day to day personal care.

If you are looking for cheaper and more natural alternatives for everything from cleaning your house, to skin care, then consider buying some apple cider vinegar, and try some of the homemade recipes. There are plenty more out there. The above are just some examples that I grew up with and worked for me.