Apple decorations for kitchens can be modern or country. Fruit is a common theme for kitchens. Bringing in an apple theme allows you to be traditional while bringing in bold color and decor. It creates a homey atmosphere, but can also be a unique addition to a contemporary space.

Instead of going with a full blown apple kitchen you might want a sleeker space. This is especially important if you have a small space to work with but you still want a defined theme. Instead, just be inspired by the colors of an apple and go with a green apple kitchen. This also gives you a chance to work with vintage tile that you might have in the space. This will save you a lot of money on a remodel because you can save the green tile which will also add character to your space. Bring in lots of white on the countertops and cupboards. Then bring in a few green apple accessories on the dishes. You can even add geometric wallpaper with green apple colors on it to create a unique space; but just keep it on one wall because it's such a bold look.

You can soften the bold green apple color for a country space. Look for a color that is cross between green apple and sage for a soothing addition to you cabinets that is still cheerful. Bring in lots of wood tones in a medium color to balance the bold cabinet color. You can add laminate floors, butcher block countertops, and a wood dinette set to tone down the apple green color and bring in a rustic sensibility.

Use green apple colors to create a modern space. Paint the cabinets with a green apple lacquer. Keep the rest of the space neutral by going with white walls, black floors, and stainless countertops and appliances. You'll make apples bold and contemporary.

You can make your traditional cabinets into something special using an apple theme. You can find contact paper that looks like a frosted glass and then cut out an apple shape. Place one of these in the center of each cabinet door. For a more permanent approach you can actually frost the glass, but you'll get the reverse effect. You'll have a frosted door with a clear apple shape. Keep the lower cabinetry plain and the rest of the room neutral. The frosted apples will make enough of an impact. This creates a chic space and it's still based around an apple. Try this in a loft or city apartment, or just in a contemporary room.

When you think of an apple you probably think of the color red. An apple red color can help you create a retro space on a budget. Paint your cabinets a bright red. Create a cafe feeling with a bistro set, you can always recover the seat cushions. Add some of the seat cushions fabric to a traditional floral print to create curtains. Use a black and white checked vinyl tile and keep white tiles in the space for a funky diner feel where your friends will want to spend hours and just hang out. A bright kitchen can inspire you to cook and may even help you wake up in the morning.

When looking for apple kitchen accessories, think chic. This ensures that you won't create the same apple kitchen decor that has been seen for so many decades in so many homes. Instead of going with the obligatory bowl of fruit, arrange several real green apples on a silver platter. You can even line the window with green apples.

Apple kitchen decor doesn't have to remind you of Grandma's house. You can make it all your own. Cut down on the apple accessories; in fact you'll probably want to eliminate them altogether. Instead, make an apple graphic. Try painting a mural of just one large apple on the wall instead of going with apple wallpaper. Think of it as pop art. You can also cut out traditional apple wallpaper. Focus on one main element like the apples. Apply them to one wall to create a focal point. You can line them up in a row or scatter them across the wall. Keeping the placement linear gives it a modern look.

You can stamp a sisal rug with bright green apples. Again, go with a linear approach and focus on bright colors and the shape. Instead of a traditional country red, try orange or lime green. You can also find posters with basic apple patterns that have a graphic element. A chocolate brown and green apple print will have a retro vibe to it but will also seem contemporary. Modern art also sometimes includes what basic items look like under x-ray, such as an apple. This artwork makes a bold visual impact and it definitely is not your grandma's apple kitchen.

A unique way to go for an apple kitchen is to focus on the blossoms. Only a horticulturist will be able to tell cherry blossoms from apple blossoms. This has a Far East or Zen vibe to it to create a calming space. You can even add a black grid work to the front of your cabinet doors and then place frosted plexi glass or grass cloth underneath it for a shoji screen look. Accent the space with Japanese bowls and chopsticks. Take your own pictures of apple orchards or find a print of photographic cherry blossoms. If you're worried about the apple theme reading as cherry bring in subtle hints. You can buy drawer pulls that look like sterling silver for a touch of sparkle. It's a literal way to bring in your theme but still lends an unexpected elegance.

Apple decorations for kitchens create a bright and cheery space. You can even change the theme to fit in with you own design style. It will change the way that your neighbors think about apple kitchens. You can even get away with an apple theme in the big apple if you bring in an air of sophistication and get rid of the clutter.