iMac Desktop Computer

21-inch Monitor

When I turn the IMAC on, I'm online within a minutes time and the IMAC has a built in virus protector which I'll never have to purchase or update because it automatically comes with the IMAC. MACs are known not to get viruses. I feel this is a huge plus considering all of the viruses floating out on the web.

iMac Desktop Computer


To date I have nothing negative to say about the Apple IMAC desktop I purchased. I love it.

Full Review

Apple IMAC 21.5 Inch Desktop is the best computer I've ever purchased.

The IMAC has everything built right into the monitor which saves a ton of space on my computer desk and the only two wires I had to connect was to the electric socket and the router. The Apple IMAC has everything I need built right into the 21.5 inch monitor. The IMAC I purchased came with DVD player, Garage Band, iChat, iDVD, Image Capture, IMovie, IPhoto, iSync, iTunes, iWeb, Photo Booth, Quick Time Player, Safari (IMAC Browser) and a dozen more applications all built right into the monitor. There is no seperate hard-drive, speakers or webcam because it's all built straight into the monitor.

When purchasing an IMAC you can purchase a year of one-on-one classes which allows you to take a one-on-one class every day if you prefer. Taking classes to learn how to use the IMAC saves you time and energy learning how to use it. The MAC store also allows you to bring in your IMAC to the store class if you prefer and will hook it right up for you so you can learn on your own MAC.

The IMAC I purchased came with a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse.

In Closing

I've had two desktop computers before I purchased the IMAC and wish I bought an IMAC Desktop sooner. The speed of getting online is wonderful and the space I've gotten back at my desk is a plus too. There is no need to purchase seperate gadgets such as a webcam or a seperate DVD player because it's built right into the IMAC monitor. Everything is at your finger tips with a IMAC. I look forward to purchasing a MAC Laptop in the future and happy I purchased an IMAC desktop.