Iphone 4S is revolutionary

IPhone 4SCredit: http://futoria.blogspot.com/2011/05/apple-announced-next-to-release-iphone.html

Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs endless endeavor to change the life of the world; One phone will change it all.  Steve Jobs would wonderfully say this phone is “Just Amazing” or “Its Awesome”.  The Apple Iphone 4S is just that.  It simply is the most amazing phone of its day with features that have been only wished upon on a futuristic movie.  Even Captain Kirk would be saying “GREAT SCOTT!” with this phone.  Well if you are in the market for a new phone or an upgrade, well the Iphone 4s could not be coming at the most perfect moment of time.   There are many features this phone has, however I will only limit myself to sharing five of them.   I will let you surprise yourself with the rest.



#1.  8 MEGAPIXEL Camera with built-in Flash

Wow, who needs a Canon Rebel to take pictures when you can take perfectly beautiful pictures with your Iphone.  A significant upgrade from the previous Iphone 4‘s - 5 Megapixel camera.  Not only will it shoot beautiful pictures, you will also have the ability to shoot high quality High Definition (HD) 1080p resolution movies at 30 frames per second.  This is a real video camera at its finest! 

#2.  Dual – Core A5 Chip provides exponential power upgrade

Well if you thought the IPAD 2 is fast, well Apple was kind enough to share their greatness of performance power and add the same processor found from the Apple IPAD  2 and place it into the IPHONE 4S.  So not only do you get the brilliant screen resolution and millions of applications of use, you now have the power to maintain quality of applications and software without any slow or freeze moments. 

#3. IOS 5 – An operating system that is Awesome!

The IOS system has been revolutionary since its beginning.  From where it was to where it is now is going to change how we use our IPhone, IPADS, or even IPOD Touch.  The 100’s of new features it has included will excite the  most toughest critic.  The new integration of the camera usage to have the ability to use the phone feature while the phone is in the locked position. Not only that, you can upload to twitter instantly with only signing in once.  IF you are into magazine publications, the IOS 5 has a newsstand application that will keep your favorite publications at a touch of a button.  This is just the tip in the iceberg, I can’t say enough about this new technology.  Simply Amazing.

#4.  FaceTime – Bringing families of all ages together one phone at a time

 IPhone 4S FaceTimeCredit: http://www.apple.com/iphone/features/#facetime

As the original Iphone 4 had this technology, I still had to add this. With the combined elements of this new phone, the technology to talk face to face will be even better. What really makes this amazing, is the ability for people all over the world to see one another as if they were right there. As the economy has been rough, seeing family that is in far distances can be a struggle to see on a constant basis. Having this ability to see a family member or friend, a picture is worth its weight in gold.

#5.  SIRI – A personal assistant only Captain Kirk could have imagined.

Yes, it smells like science fiction, although it has become a reality.  SIRI, Apple’s First intelligent assistant application that might feel like you are part of Star Trek; however it has the ability to make your life easy with everyday voice commands.  SIRI has the ability to communicate with you through everyday language and actually know what you are saying.  What that means is you could tell SIRI to text your spouse that you will be late, and SIRI will get it done.   Although you might see this technology is still in Beta stages; however where it is now and where it is going can only be undeniably remarkable.

The Apple Iphone 4S will change the world to be more connected in ways that we have never imagined. 

I would like to mention one more thing.  As I was writing this article, the news of Apple’s Iconic Figure and Former CEO Steve Jobs life has moved on. 

Apple CEO Steve JobsCredit: http://zapp5.staticworld.net/images/article/2011/08/apple-ceo-steve-jobs111-800x600-5210536.jpg

God bless you Steve, Your heart for the world will forever be recognized through your ongoing passion to make it a better place.  We are proud of everything you brought to us and more.  We Will Miss You.

Thank You So Much!