IBM vs Apple inc: Role and relationship of organizational culture and structure in bussinessCredit: wikimedia commonsCredit: wikimedia commons

 Comparison of organizational culture at IBM and apple Inc

IBM’s culture is often called social business culture. It puts the customers in the center of importance, and the employees themselves are provided with adequate authority and importance. IBM has an online structure of interaction with its employees they can offer new ideas and share their concerns about any matter that seem important to them. Similarly apple Inc also gives authority and responsibility to their employees. Their employees are experts at their own field and they are allowed to offer new ideas just as IBM does.

Apple is known for its hardworking employees and is often said that they are over-worked but IBM does not have this kind of reputation.

Both of the companies deal with innovation and both are dependent greatly on innovation. Failure at innovation can mean failure of business for these type of organizations. And to be ahead in innovation, both of companies maintain innovative culture.

Innovation in both of companies is characterized by strong teamwork across disciplines, business units, and functions. This innovation results by shared sense of common and consistent teamwork.

It is generally believed that only R&D department is responsible for innovation of companies, but actually it is a collaborative solution developed and sharpened by R&D marketing experts, designers, software engineers, usability specialists, and people in various other disciplines.

So these two companies also maintain a culture which greatly supports innovation.

Comparison of organizational structure at IBM and apple Inc

IBM has a very complex matrix structure, through this matrix structure organization is divided into smaller units. In these smaller units open communication is maintained between the management and employees and give a sense of flat structure within these units. While apple Inc is different in a sense that importance is not laid on hierarchy though apple is structured as matrix structure, but it is different from the conventional matrix structure, As the decisions are mainly given in hands of employees or the team at specific task. Steve jobs point towards this fact by saying:

                               "Do you know how many committees we have at Apple? Zero. "

He has also said:

                                 "You have to be run by ideas, not by hierarchy."

IBM has matrix structure but they also have their structure tailored for maximum and fast innovation by giving more authority to employees. And by having a flat structure of its different units. As a flat structure is best for innovation  and is mostly possible within business units of comparatively smaller size.