black leather folio case for ipad


Great Investment for the money
Leather grip
Not flashy
Affordable price
Only weights 13 ounces


iPad might slide out of it
It stands horizontally not vertically
Design is to simple
Color Variety

Full Review

Okay, so you bought an iPad, but you don't want it to end up looking like it was sandblasted right? In this review we'll look at a black leather folio case that's made for the iPad. You will see that Design & Motion has some of the most unique cases for Apple products.

This sleek and portable folio case, will protect your iPad. Not only is it folio great when it comes to look. But also easy to access too. It's perfect to protect your iPad from scratching and ready for using it whenever. Its black leather is the perfect grip for a folio and its also an excellent disguise for the iPad.

Most customers on amazon have given it a 4 star rating. Compared to the case offered by apple the black leather folio case is an excellent option for the iPad. Someone said that if you don't want to flash that you have an iPad to thieves this is the perfect option.

I don't think that people that are design zealots or apple fanatics will enjoy this product, seeing that people that purchase iphones, and ipods are always people that don't follow the status quo and like to be different. I will tell you right now this product doesn't scream apple at any level.

The only reason someone that would buy this is someone that is looking to save $20-30 after just spending $700 on an iPad. And it just doesn't make any sense to try to save money on this kind of investment.

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These are all iPad cases that will really yell out loud "I'm an Apple freak" I mean in a good way. So make your choice of which is it going to be. Are you going to hide the fact that you're caring the super awesome, coolest, world changing product in the century. Or are you just going to be like all the average joe's out there caring their old school portfolio looking thing? You decide!

In Closing

If you are looking that's affordable, simple, and does the job this might be the perfect choice for you. But if not, there are tons of other options for iPad folio cases. All you need to do is type iPad cases on google and you'll get 44 million websites that have this term in them. So I wish you luck in finding one that you like.

You can make this your next purchase, look for black leather folio cases on amazon for the iPad and you will see that your options are limitless.