The world of technology reached its crescendo with the invention of all kinds of electronic gadgets. The internet technology is also among the latest inventions that have made the world a global village. However, the introduction of Apple Ipad comes as yet another great breakthrough in the field of technology. This unique invention has continued to change the world of communication for the better.

Historically, the ipad hit the world courtesy of the Apple Company. It was officially released recently in April 2010. Since then, it has sold up to 3 million and even higher than that. The reason for the marketability of this unique device lies in the uniqueness of the features that comes with it.
Indeed, Apple Ipad comes with quality features. The features make the product the ideal gadget for most users in the recent times. Let's take a look at the 5 of these excellent apple features that top user's choice.

The Portable Size

Most users enjoy using the Apple Ipad because of its portable and slim size. You can always carry it around just like your mobile phone. A typical Apple Ipad is just about 5 inches thick. It also measures 9.56 x 7.47 inches with a total average weight of 1.5 pounds. This makes the product to be highly cherished by most users. With this unique size, you're having the entire global world right on your palm.

The Multi-touch Screen

Another unique feature that interests users of Apple ipad is the multi-touch screen. This makes it very easy for users to access all the various applications that come with the gadget. The screen measures 9.7 inches with a resolution of 1024 x 768. This makes it more portable for all users.

Network Connectivity

Apple ipad comes with unique network connectivity that rocks. Most models of the ipad come with the awesome Wi-Fi connection. Others do come with the 3G option. There is also the AT & T network connectivity in most ipads. They come with a monthly data access of 250 MB which costs up to $15 per month. In most cases, this is a prepaid service hence; you can activate it from the ipad anytime you're ready to foot the bill. With such unique network connectivity on the ipad, you're sure to rule your world with the instrument.

Special Applications

Apple ipad comes with special applications that can turn your world upside down for proper enjoyment. The gadget comes with a wonderful browser with finger-friendly title bars and other unique features. You also have access to your email and other internet packages. Again, the ipad has a wonderful music application option well padded with desktop iTunes and spacious memory for your music storage.

With the ipad, you also have access to a well designed map application with awesome interface. This helps you to have the world right on your palm. There is also your photo library which you can access with a touch of your palm. Moreover, you have access to ipad version of YouTube for all your videos. You can even download any video trailer your desire right on the ipad.

The Battery Life

Apple Ipad comes with a powerful battery that lasts up to 10 hours once it's fully charged. The 10 hours covers even when you use the product for browsing, video watching, and music playing and so on. What a sound battery indeed.

In conclusion, the Apple ipad has so many features that can bring the world to your palm. You can always enjoy the services of this wonderful device when you purchase one. Find out more as you go for it today.