IOS4 is here and it's lovely.

Regardless of if you're waiting on the iPhone 4 or you're determined to stick it out with 3G or 3Gs, there are buckets of new features to keep you busy and keep them smiles on your face. Although if you were holding on with extreme pride to your first gen, sorry IOS4 isn't for you, time for a new shiny iPhone maybe….

The iOS 4 update from Apple is the biggest OS update so far. There are over 100 hundred new features so beyond the obvious Folders, Multitasking and iBooks addition you'll discover some useful additions, overhauls and updates as you make your way around the phone.

First we'll look at the once with the most hype


This new functionality allows you to have multiple apps open at once. This has been screamed for by iPhone owners from day one and was the single point anti iPhone users kept brining up.

Multitasking allows for quick switching between multiple open apps than will happily co-exist and run at the same time and theoretically this means that you can chat away to mates about dinner plans while you go check reviews on "around me". Keep in mind that this wont work straight away with a lot of existing app's, so you should be expecting A LOT of updates coming to purchased apps in the next few days.

App's like Skype does not yet support the iOS 4 but there haven't been any updates in the App Store. Other apps e.g. Angry Birds are churning out updates with notifications like "supports iOS 4 Fast App Switching" or "iOS 4 compatibility fixes.

This only works on the iPhone 3Gs so 3G, sorry….



I thought this would be pretty boring and not get much air time, but folders has cleaned up my iPhone nicely and is turning into one of those "how did I survive with out it" features. To create a folder you simply drag one app into another when you have it in 'wobbly' mode and iPhone will automatically suggest a category e.g. Business, Lifestyle, Music depending on what apps you're trying to group together plus you can edit this and make you own folder names.

You can't get more than 12 apps into one folder but this is plenty to clean up any app-clogged handset. When you touch a folder it pops out to reveal the apps inside, making the background screen semi-transparent.


Video and Camera

You can now zoom as you shoot and tap to focus on video.

There is now a 5x digital zoom (again this is for 3Gs, 3G sorry….) and tap to focus when you're in video recording mode. The zoom is a pretty good feature but the tap to focus considerably improves the video experience. This is pretty much it, it's nice and thanks!!


eBook reader on the iPhone, aren't there dozens of them already!? Well. Yeah. While the GUI is nice and shiny and it integrates nicely into the "book store" alas over in Ireland the titles available in the book store are appalling. For now Stanza is still the big winner for me.

bookshelf (20328)


Mail, didn't I have that before? Yeah, but….mail now allows you to mix in your various inboxes into one 'unified' inbox. This is a nice feature, but again not everyone wants to mix business with pleasure.

Aside from this, another small tweak is that the actual inbox of most recent messages is separated from the account details themselves, including folders, sent mail, junk etc. This gives the mail app a much more streamlined and neater look. Also a small but nice feature is the character count when composing emails.

Wallpaper and icons

By far the most noticeable update to the new OS and something that lots of people have been wanting for a while after having it on my original jail broken iPhone in the good old days.

Apart from this icon's appear to have gotten a little polish and overall the GUI look's sharper. Icons like calculator and notes have gotten obvious updates but all'n'all everything looks pretty sharp.


Most apps Mails, Notes etc, now have spell check with a new built-in dictionary. This is no doubt handy, but if you're a really bad spealer :) it won't catch everything.


Ability to create custom play-lists in the iPod.

Wi-Fi stays connected in sleep mode.

Support for wireless keyboard.