1. The zaluminum body makes the Macbook really feel great to the touch and makes it extremely sturdy.

2. Snow Leopard is a really good running system. I was a Windows XP user previously, but the changeover was easy.

3. Boot Camp Assistant enables you to partition your hard drive so that you can own Windows and Snow Leopard on your pc.

4. The ability to schedule an appointment at the Apple Store for the Genius Bar makes customer care a good thing for problems. My personal friend had her hard drive die and got a replacement hard drive the following day since she was still in warranty. Even if you are out of warranty, you can still go, but you will have to pay for replacement parts.

5. Apple brags about how Macs doesn't own viruses, which is correct. However, Macs still has vulnerabilities. As Mac gains more market share, I think we can anticipate more malware, trojans and infections.

6. The AC adapter is very well fashioned as you can easily add an extension cable if you need it. But, count on it to get hot.


1. The cost is probably the toughest part of having a Macbook. For the prices you pay for every single Macbook Pro model, you can get a pc with higher spec parts.

2. Heat can also be a problem. I've discovered spraying compressed air into the fan when you remove the bottom lid to clean dust definitely helps..

Full Review

I've never written a review before, but I recently purchased the Apple Macbook Pro MC374LL/A with a 13.3 inch screen. I love my laptop so much, I couldn't help but write a review.

Everybody should own one of these, and If I cannot persuade you, visit a retailer and play around with one, you will not be disappointed.

Being a windows user for countless years, I wasn't yet thinking about an Apple when I 1st commenced shopping for notebook computers. Having practical knowledge of Mac pc's through my job, I did not discount them like many individuals do. I've often viewed Mac's to be too costly, although quite capable hardware. My most significant gripe with previous Mac OS products is that they presume too many of your decisions. Alternatives, or options were always burried too deeply in the OS, and you essentially were funnelled into using the OS how Apple dictated you to. This certainly is not accurate for all, considering there are Mac customers who have a considerably much deeper comprehension of the OS functionality than I do. But as a novice, the Macbook Pro fulfilled all of my requirements.

I only really began thinking about it when I discovered a deal which made it competitive with the various other notebook computers I was looking at. Looking back now, I believe I would still be very pleased with my selection even if I had paid the non-sale amount.

I had the compact size that I wanted, and it was under 5 lbs so it was very portable. The 2. 4ghz C2D is extremely powerful for every day use. The battery on the MAC is simply amazing. Precisely how Apple gets that battery life outside the very same hardware which various other manufacturers work with is beyond me. Right now, there is absolutely no explanation which I can discover that gives the Macbook Pro such superior battery life. I must point out, I don't get the predicted ten hours of battery life, however that is due to the fact I'm operating a number of applications, and wifi at all times. But I can easily get 2 complete days of light use from the battery.

My favorite features thus far:

1. Touchpad Gestures. Honestly, just how I've been using a notebook devoid of these features for so long? The gestures are my single favorite feature on the Macbook Pro. It took me about 1 hour of getting used to using the gestures, and I'm certainly not a gesture professional. With the MAC, they're so easy to learn, and a lot easier to apply. Navagating on my notebook devoid of a hardware mouse used to mean using the back and forward buttons within the web browser, or occasionally making use of the backspace key if I was flicking through websites. But with gestures, web browsing is in one word, awesome.

2. The Unibody Design
I'm listing that as one of my personal favorite things with the notebook basically due to how stunning it looks. I am normally certainly not one for choosing form over functionality, however I consider that to be matched on both fronts. The unibody constructions provides a strong feel, devoid of sacraficing weight, whilst remaining sturdy. The undeniable fact that it looks amazing is simply a nice extra.

In Closing