Apple Suicide Bad Publicity

On Apple's website today (March 31st, 2009,) I noticed something a little out of the ordinary. A picture of 'happy,' Chinese workers working on a computer production line; Underneath it Apple proclaimed to be treating all supplier manufactures fairly, etc, as well as providing a link to a PDF outlining their supplier and responsibility information.

The first thing that popped into my head was, wait they make their stuff in China too? I felt a little embarrassed. Was I the only one that believed that Apple was a born and bred American company?

But it didn't take long to find out why they had posted this on their website. Apparently a Chinese worker for one of Apple's manufactures has commit suicide by leaping off a building. What's worse, the reason he did this was over claims that he misplaced (or was stole from him) a new iphone prototype. Yes, according to rumors he commit suicide over an iphone, or more accurately because of the intense pressure put upon him over the incident.

There are currently various internet claims, that Apple had an iron fist policy on product secrecy, and that intense pressure led him to leap from a building to his death. While these accusations are unsubstantiated at this point, it's possible that they are true.

This is because product companies have for years been engaged in intense secrecy and spy programs for the purpose of both protecting their own products and gaining any edge on the competition. They even regularly hire U.S. government spies for these purposes.

If these accusations are true it will be bad for Apple a company known for being the underdog. However instincts tell me the story will be hushed. It is obvious they are going on the offensive with this on their website, especially on the eve of the new ipad release.


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