Apple TV (39888)


  • At $100 it is relatively inexpensive, especially for an Apple product
  • Very easy to use and can be set up in a few minutes
  • Allows you to use Netflix streaming feautre on your TV, rather than waiting for DVDs to arrive in the mail
  • HD picture quality (on high definition televisions)
  • No monthly fees or recurring costs
  • Ability to rent any movie anytime
  • Works with both PCs and Macs
  • Optional optical audio output


  • Unnecessary if you own a gaming console like PS3 or Xbox 360
  • Picture quality and streaming speeds depend on you internet connection/WiFi signal strength
  • Can't watch Hulu, which is the best site for TV shows
  • Renting movies costs money and can get expensive

Full Review

Apple TV is a nifty little device that allows you to stream media from your computer to any TV with an HDMI input. With Apple TV, you can access movies from Netflix, videos from YouTube, any media from your iTunes library, and anything available in the iTunes Store directly from your TV. Apple TV uses your wireless internet connection to stream in high definition (up to 720p) and has an optional optical audio output.

It's a cool device because it changes the way you watch TV, adding additional functionality to your television in a simple, easy-to-use way. For example, if there's nothing good on TV, and you don't want to watch any of your DVDs, you can power it up to browse Netflix's on demand library. If you can't find anything you'd like to watch on Netflix, you can search your iTunes library for pictures, music and movies. If you still can't find anything good, you can rent any movie from the iTunes Store using your existing iTunes account. You can also watch YouTube videos on your TV – no more running to your laptop or waiting for videos to load on your phone!

Additionally, you can turn your TV into a picture frame or slideshow by streaming any photos that you have on your computer to your television.

Streaming technology is great, but there are several devices that do this, so don't go out and buy Apple TV unless you're sure that you need it. If you have a gaming system like PS3 or Xbox 360, you can use it to stream Netflix and media from your system's hard drive or computer to your TV. So, you don't really need Apple TV if you already have a gaming console (unless you just want the pretty Apple user interface).

That said, Apple TV is a great product and a nice addition to any TV room or home theater setup. I recommend it as a simple, affordable way to get streaming media on your television.


Apple TV is a great product for anyone who wants streaming media on their television. If you are thinking about purchasing one, consider what you already own (gaming systems, etc.) and what functionality you are looking for. If you just want a simple, stylish way to stream media, go with Apple TV. If you want additional feautres, such as gaming, consider spending a little more money to buy a PS3, Xbox or Wii.