Pro's and Con's - Apple TV Vs. Google TV

Apple TV vs. Google TV

Both Google and Apple have come out with products to enhance your television viewing experience. Although several other companies have come out with media streaming boxes for your television, Apple and Google are two of the leaders of the technology world today and release some of the best products available to date. With social media and technology continually changing the way we talk, shop, relax, and entertain ourselves, it is important to stay up to date with all current technology trends. Unlike previous trends such as laser discs, the media streaming box is here to stay and will forever change how we watch television. 

Apple TV


Apple TV vs. Google TV

Cost:Apple TV MD $99.00

Pros: Similar to everything Apple puts out, Apple TV is super easy to use and easy to set-up to your  television through use of an HDMI cable. Apple's new iCloud system also lets you connect all of your apple devices, allowing you to access all of your music, videos, photos, and other files. Through Apple TV, you gain access to the whole iTunes network (where you can purchase movies and television shows on your computer), Netflix, YouTube, Flickr, and of course the App Store where such sites such as Rotten Tomatoes and The NBA have created apps to enhance your television viewing process. Apple TV also features something called AirPlay, where you can connect your iPhone 4 or 4g to wirelessly connect your phone where you can view everything on your phone on your television. 

Cons: The unfortunate thing about the apple family, is features such as iCloud only work if you have the whole mac family, such as an iPhone, iPod, MacBook, etc. Unless you own a mac computer or iphone, the Apple TV can not be properly utilized. There is no internet browser available, and no way to "surf the internet". There are very few internet channels available, and the majority of the content available is only put out by Apple. Also, the Apple TV works with an HDMI cable, if your home television is not set up for that, its HDMI or nothing. You are also unable to purchase anything directly from your Apple TV. You must purchase content on iTunes on another device in order to stream it to your television. You also cannot store movies or television shows on your Apple TV, everything has to be streamed. 

Is it Worth it? Only if you are already part of the Apple family. For less than a $100 bucks (one of the most least expensive apple products) it is a great way to integrate your other apple products all together. If this is your first Apple product, wait it out. 

Google TV

Google TV vs. Apple TV

Price: Varied. $149.95 - $299.99 Logitech Revue Companion Box with Google TV 

Pros: Google TV is available on a variety of platforms. It is available through Logitech which makes a device and keyboard. A Google TV device is also available through Dish Network on some of their receiver boxes if you are a subscriber. Google TV is also available and pre-loaded on certain television sets and DVD/Blu-Ray Players. Google TV runs on the Android operating system, and android phones can be used as remote controls by downloading special apps on your phone. Google Chrome also comes standard, which eases and allows internet browsing. Some Google TV packages, such as the one from Logitech, offers a keyboard, which allows the user to practically replace their computer for internet browsing with the Google TV option. Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Instant Prime, HBO, CNBC, and other services are also available on Google TV. You are also available to connect any device, with wireless internet, to Google TV, regardless of its brand. 

Cons: Certain websites such as Hulu Plus and networks such as NBC, CBS, and ABC have all blocked Google TV. Also, any company under the Viacom umbrella, have also blocked their programs from being viewed on Apple TV. There is also a limited availability of Google TV apps available in the Android Mobile Market. There are also still many bugs and issues and the Google TV system can be unreliable at times. 

Is it Worth it?: Yes. Although certain services are blocked from Google TV, the amount of sites available is far greater than those that aren't. The fact that Google TV has Google Chrome, an internet browser, makes your viewing experiences unlimited. Google TV is an affordable and easy way to enhance your television viewing process, and could even be considered a replacement for standard cable television.