When the late Steve Jobs stated that he had finally cracked the TV market for Apple, it created a buzz for what will be the next big thing that will be provided by Apple.  Don't wait for an actual TV to be revealed, why not get a head start and see what Apple already has to offer for interactive television by getting an Apple TV box?


Apple TV

Photo from Apple

There are many things that are available with Apple TV, but there is one thing that is extremely useful, and just flat-out cool, that I will mention at the end.  But here are the top 5 things that you can do with your Apple TV box.

5. Photo Stream

With the help from iCloud, any photo that you take with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod can be viewed from any of your Apple devices.  When you click the Photo Stream app on the home screen on your Apple TV, you are now able to show the pictures you have taken on any television to which you have your box connected.  This is great so you don't have to have your friends hovering around a tiny iPhone (which is where most of the pictures are captured in the first place).

4. Sports League Pass

You don't need to have cable in order to watch all your favorite sport teams play.  You don't have to sit in the cold, heat, rain, or snow to watch your team play.  With league passes, you can watch all the games from the comfort of you home.  NBA, NHL, and MLB apps are all included on the Apple TV home page.

3. Movies and TV

There are so many ways that you can rent or own movies and television, and here is one more...with a twist.  When you purchase movies or tv episodes through iTunes, again they are viewable on any of your Apple devices.  But now, instead of watching them on the 4 inch iPhone screen or the 9 inch iPad screen, you can watch the show on whatever size tv you have your box connected to.  Stop squinting and sit back and enjoy!

2. It's Portable

The Apple TV box is just under 4 inches square and a little over a half an inch tall.  It can easily be taken on vacation for you to do ANY of the things already mentioned.  No lugging around a DVD player.  No more being confined to only your home.  Take it with you!  In a hotel, a vacation home or condo, or even your parents' house.  Every place you go you will find an outlet, and most places will have a TV with and HDMI port.  Those are the only two things you need to connect your Apple TV box.

.....and FINALLY....

1. Air Play

This is what I would say is the best feature available.  Air Play is just flat-out cool.  Maybe you moved your movie to your iPad so your kids can watch something while you are traveling on the road or in the air.  With the Air Play feature, this again isn't limited to just the iPad (or other device where you save your movie).  With the Apple TV box connected to a television, you can now stream your video from your device to the box!  Maybe you don't have your photos set up on the iCloud.  You can still view them on the box through Air Play.  And with processors increasing in speed each time a new generation is released, it's a lot faster to play videos or movies on your iPhone or iPad and just Air Play it to your television.  Give it a try.