The Apple iPad is one of the most innovative new devices from the company. The California based organization has once again captivated users around the world with yet another must have device. Of course after and even before the introduction of the iPad, dozens and dozens of accessories were being manufactured for it. An essential extra that many iPad users purchase is the Apple iPad dock connector or some other form of aftermarket stand.

The dock connector is a proprietary accessory made by Apple computers for the iPad. Searching for the best Apple iPad dock will lead people to the same conclusion; there is no other company that makes a dock for the iPad. This device can be utilized in a few different ways. When syncing the iPad with a computer, the high speed USB plug can be installed in the rear of the dock allowing the device to stand upright and in full view. The stand can also be used for convenient viewing of video or movies or simply to have an image upright and easy to see instead of having the iPad laying flat on a table. The dock for iPad retails for 29.99 on the Apple website. It can also be found in other places on the web such as Amazon however it is generally priced for higher in these locations.

Macally VIEWSTAND Aluminum Viewing Stand for iPadYou do not have to purchase a dock connector if all you require is a stand to keep the device upright. There are a variety of models on the market for iPad and your selection of one will be based on what you need it to do. There are stands simply for watching video or reading while others provide functionality for typing or web browsing. An interesting model out right now is Compass made by a company called Twelve South which makes products specifically for Apple. Compass gets its name from the traditional drafter's tool and has a variety of positions.

Its video viewing setup is similar to a tripod with iPad resting on two pegs, one at the base of each of the front two legs. It can then be further folded down for convenient typing positions. It retails for about 40 dollars and can be found through the Apple website or other stores online. It is a truly versatile and durable stand for iPad. So there you have it, how an iPad stand could definitely change the way you use your favorite tablet, making for increased productivity, at a very low price point.