Apple Vs Google



Apple and Google have been in competition for years. On almost every front, Google and Apple have attacked each other, now Apple and Google are fighting on a new mobile front. Apples IOS system is competing with Google's Google Play system. The two company's have been fighting ver market share for mobile applications for a few years now and recently the fight has become very heated. Google has rapidly been gaining market share and has now surpassed Apple. Due to the high  use of Android smartphones and other devices, Google has captured the market in almost every aspect.  In this article I will compare the two systems and companies



The Apple IOS system is the top of the line. The Iphone and Apple devices are the best in the world in design,user interface and almost every other aspect. Apple captures the expensive side of the market. To own an IPhone, is too own the coolest and best phone ever made. Apples IOS system is also spectacular. It is clean cut, and very safe.  Apple makes expensive but high quality products and focuses on every detail. The Ipad 3 is spectacular and has stunning graphics.  Apple has revolutionized the music industry with the invention of Ipods and has done a great job with Siri. There is even talk of Siri being in cars and maybe even on TV!!

Apple has recently been suing Google,Samsung and Microsoft over patent infringement. In a despite attempt to protect there products they have begun suing company's and in return companies have been sueing back. The war between these companies and Apple is just getting started and is expected to go on for a long time.



Google is no longer considered the "New Kid on the Block" Google has gained respect from many of its competitors.  Google has been more open than Apple and has allowed other companies to make devices that will host Google's System. This has created a problem for developers though because it is hard to develop for different devices due to differences between hardware and software. Despite this issue, big name developers and companies are investing in Google Play and building great apps.

   Google allows almost every app submitted through which has caused some virus issues with Google Play phones.  Also there are many bad apps on the market and many more copy cats trying to compete for space.


Apple VS Google

Against each other Google has one main advantage, they are more free and open than Apple allowing them to get market share faster. Apple on the other hand has developed a secure fast and reliable system that is of higher quality. In addition Apple has developed it's own map programs and is further enhancing it's products with the attention of detail. Because they own Itunes, Apple is also able to integrate it onto it's devices, adding something that Google will have a hard time competing with. Google music is trying to catch up with Apple but will hae a very hard time.  In the future Google and Apple will continue to fight on all fronts, whether legally through patent battles or in the market place, in price battles. No matter how it all turns out one thing is for certain. The App mobile market, offers companies amazing opportunities and in the cut throat technology would, Apple and Google will fight over the market to the death!