A Mac and a PC are the two most popular computers you can buy on the market today.  The first PC Laptop was released 3 years before the Mac portable computer which was distributed in 1989.  From that point on both companies have gone into a competition on who can win the hearts of more mobile users.  They both have taken different measures and have slowly evolved in different directions.  The evolution of these computers has created different standards on each brand. The PC brand evolved into an affordable computer that the majority of the population uses.  The Mac brand has become known for its more expensive products, yet high quality standard.   Any computer user recognizes that both types of laptop can do everyday functions that are needed.  They both are able to process word documents and send any email you may have.  In fact, companies make their software compatible with the PC and Mac.  This clearly shows that they are each capable computers. Even though they are both capable for everyday tasks; there are certain points that make them stand apart.  A Mac is different from a PC in design, technical specifications, and price.

Different Designs

First of all, a Mac laptop is different from a PC in design.  Apple released their Macbook Air in 2008 which astonished the world on just how thin a laptop could be.  Its thickness measured out to be just .76 inches and the latest model is merely .68 inches.  It was an incredible marvel to fit all the computing power into the thin design.  More important than how thin a laptop can be, is how durable and sturdy it is.  All Mac laptops are machined from a solid aluminum block to insure all the components are protected.  It also gives Macbooks a solid feel that makes it extremely durable.  The aluminum along with the thinness brings a sleek look to the Mac that nothing can compare with.  One might think that having a metal body would make a Macbook heavy or not portable.  That is far from the case because Apple currently makes the lightest laptop which comes in around 2.3 pounds.  Setting the Mac aside, the PC is much more casual.  The casualness appeals to a different crowd and some users actually prefer it. The common PC Laptop is about 1 inch thick which creates a noticeable difference.  With the added thickness comes a different building material. Unfortunately PC laptops use plastic for their building material and not a comparable metal to aluminum. Many users classify a PC Laptop as a "brick".  That might be the proper name for them because they are bulky and heavy.  The average PC comes in around 6 pounds at the scale which makes it 3x heavier than their competitor.  PC laptops are built around a different goal which makes their design different.  Apples goal makes their laptops noticeably different than PCs.  

Components Make a Difference

Secondly, the Mac is different from the PC in technical specifications.  This is where Macs really shine above PCs.  A processor in computer terms is the brain of the system.  The faster the processor, the faster your laptop will be.  Apple Macbooks feature the all new 4th generation Intel processor.  Intel says these new processors are two times faster than its predecessor, the 3rd generation.  This added speed gives Macbook users the power to edit videos with ease and to do general tasks faster.  Along with this fast processor, Apple also packs the Macbook with a fast hard drive.  Normal drives spin around 5200rpms where Apple hard drives spin around 7200rpms.  Faster RPMs allow the computer to read content more efficiently and faster.  Apple designs their computers around speed because the ram in Macbooks is expanded on.  Macbooks come stock with 4GBs of ram, which insures it will run any programs that may be open.  All the content that is able to run faster is also displayed on the highest resolution display that any laptop has seen.  Macbook displays contain five million pixels which makes it life like.  The average PC specifications are quite different. PC processors have not been updated to the new 4th generation which makes them considerably slower.  Along with the 3rd generation processor, PCs come in the box with a 5200rpm hard drive.  Instead of loading a photo album in 2 seconds, it might take 4 seconds.  The average PC comes with 2GB of ram. Consequently, larger programs will run a little slow.  A PC user will notice pixels in the screen because the resolution is not very high.  The technical differences make the PC not as performance based as the Mac is.


Lastly, Macs are more expensive than PCs based on a few key points.  There are less Macbooks than PCs which makes it cost more per machine because of the manufacturing process.  Macs are made of high quality material that contributes to the price greatly.  Machining aluminum for the body is not a cheap procedure. The higher technical specifications also contribute to the price.  4th generation processors and faster hard drives are not cheap.  The added ram is also more.  All these expensive components make the final product which is then stamped with the Apple logo.  The brand name, Apple, also bumps up the price.  The world claims there is an “Apple tax” and the price does reflect that.  The cheapest Macbook cost one thousand dollars which is by no means cheap. Unlike the Macbooks, PCs are made in mass quantity which drives the price down considerably.  Plastic bodies are very easy to make and are not as much as aluminum cases. The slower components are also much cheaper which in the end make the overall price cheaper.  PCs do not include the “Apple tax” which is a bonus for the price.  All these points added up allow the cheapest PC to be $250.  That is ¼ the price of a Mac which is just astounding. The higher quality Macbooks clearly are more expensive than the casual Macbook.

Closing Remarks

Macs are different from PCs in looks, technical specifications, and price.  They both are able to do common tasks, however the Mac can do them much faster.  The components that make up Macs are to thank for this.  The added sleek design doubled with the portability really does make the Macbook standout. Ever since 1989, the two companies have been trying to separate their products from each other and each year brings bigger differences.  Eventually the products will not be able to be compared to each other and only one will come out on top.