Here's a secret most of us aren't privy to: did you know that you could make free purchases without paying the amount back (for a stipulated time of course) using a Zero Percent Purchase Credit Card? Before you start drooling in disbelief, bear in mind that this facility is usually limited to a stipulated promotional period (usually 12 months - but may range from 6 to 15 months in different organizations).

Running low in Cash – Time To Swipe Your 0% APR Credit Card

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0% APR reward credit cards are a blessing when you are running low on cash or during temporary financial emergencies (such as when your liquid spending cash is tied up in say stock investments). These credit cards are are better than payday loans while dealing with routine everyday expenses.

Shouldn't I apply for 0% Balance Transfer Credit Card Instead

Most costumers are confounded when it comes to choosing between Zero Percent Balance Transfer Cards and no interest cash back credit cards. The former is heavily advertised as aiding in debt reduction. It is meant for people seeking to benefit from the significantly higher savings account interest. However a Zero Balance transfer Card is heavily dependant on careful management.

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Zero Percent Purchase Credit Cards do not have an initial transfer fees. No monthly interest is levied during the introductory and the promotional period. Furthermore, purchases made during this period can amount to the maximum credit limit. It is advisable pay off the total statement balance before the promotional time expires. The minimum statement balance should be cleared to steer clear of penalties.

Citi Platinum Select Master Card

Almost all Zero Percent Purchase Credit Cards require an excellent credit history. One of the few exceptions is the Citi Platinum Select MasterCard which accepts a slightly lower good credit history ranking. The intro APR Period lasts up to 12 months following which an APR as low as 11.99% is charged. The Citi Platinum Select Master Card comes with the additional protection of Citi Identity Theft Solutions and a Zero Dollar liability on unauthorized purchases.

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Discover More Card

The introductory APR period of the Discover More Card is limited to 6 months on purchases and 12 months for Balance Transfers. The card promises a 5 – 20 percent Cashback bonus through its exclusive online shopping site. Expenditure in categories like travel, home improvement stores, department stores, gas, restaurants and pet stores can give a 5 percent Cashback bonus. Almost all other purchases are accompanied by an unlimited Cashback Bonus of upto 1 percent.