business credit cards

If you are planning to apply for business credit card, you ought to treat your card like any other financial investment.

If you are planning to start your own venture minus a significant financial backing what you need is a dependable business credit card. While there's no dearth of options, your choice of card greatly depends on the kind of business you plan on setting up. Let me give you a simple example. If you're planning opening a small business something on the lines of a single proprietorship you should apply for a reliable small business credit card.

On the other hand if you're starting a large company with many employees you should apply for a power-packed corporate credit card, which gives you
sizable reward bonuses and extended lines of credit. Thus there are different credit cards for different types of enterprises. In this article I will discuss the three of industry's best performing credit cards, their best features, costs and other important details

American Express Opens Business Credit Card

Best Business Travel and Tours Credit Card
Lets suppose you are in a business that necessitates frequent travel. You have to live out of your suitcase of the better part of the year and spend more time in air than on terra firma. For a 'high flying' businessman like you, American Express Open's Starwood Preferred Business Credit Card is the best option. The unique features that makes the Starwood Credit Card an outstanding option for frequent fliers is the option of converting reward bonuses into air miles. These points can then be used to book plane tickets Starwood's StarFlight program. This awesome frequent flier program allows you to use your Starpoints to book air tickets that fall within a certain range. The points can also be converting into discounts if you stay in a Starwood hotel. The annual fee of the Starwood Preferred Business Credit Card is also quite low as compared to other Airline Credit Cards.

Best Credit Card Option For Cash Rewards
Given the current economic scenario, there are many business credit cards that offer good cash back options. Of late most credit card companies have put a cap on the amount of gas rebate points you can earn. So the only decent cash back credit card in the market is the Amex Costo Business Credit card. From American Express And Costo the TrueEarnings Business Credit card is an excellent cash back credit card for apply for, as it lets you earn valuable rebate points on travel, restaurant and gasoline bills. The TrueEarnings Credit card will appeal to all those entrepreneurs who have to drive a lot, entertain their clients at fancy restaurants and do an occasional air travel.