Patches can enhance the appearance and durability of children's clothes. Bright colors and fanciful appliques provide contrast; quilted patches add extra strength and padding for the knees. If only one knee or elbow area wears out, reinforce and patch both pants legs or sleeves for a decorative effect.

Things You Will Need

Your choice of any Padded Knee Patches, sewing machine, matching thread, garment

Step 1

Cut patch, backing and batting at least 1" (2.5cm) larger than worn area. Apply any decorative or quilting stitches before sewing patch onto garment. If necessary, edgestitch layers together to prevent shifting.

Step 2

Baste patch onto worn area of garment. Replace presser foot with special-purpose foot for applique work. Set machine for narrow zigzag and medium stitch length. Zigzag around edge of patch.

Step 3

Satin-stitch around edge, completely covering narrow zigzag and edge of patch. To satin-stitch, set machine for wide zigzag and short stitch length; loosen tension. (A test sample is advisable) You will be satifsfied knowing the garment will last longer, and children will be delighted with the new look that a patch or applique gives to their clothes.

Tips & Warnings

To coordinate a child's outfit, repeat the fabric or design of the patch on another area of the garment. Trim the pockets, for example, with fabric or a stitch pattern used on the patch.