apply for a cheap credit card and improve your credit card

Maintaining a respectable credit history definitely gives one a lot of advantages. By maintaining a good credit record you will find it easier to apply for substantial loans for large investments like purchasing a car, a house, starting a new venture etc. No wonder, why people struggle to keep their credit records as untainted as possible. However, given the current economic situation, many people fail to pay off their credits which keep accumulating until such time their payments reach impossible heights that they simply can't pay off. When this happens they either declare bankruptcy or allow themselves to sink deeper and deeper in debt.

This is one of the most painful processes a respectable man can be forced to go through. Those who have successfully sidestepped the pitfall of a bad credit history can't even begin to imagine the anguish of not being able to enjoy the status of someone with a respectable credit record, which is often a strong indicator of ones status in society. The ignonimity gets further compounded when one is refused loans by banks and passed over for respectable jobs by employers.

However, help is often closer than you think it is. Here are some tried and tested ways of redeeming yourself from a poor credit history:

Use Just One Credit Card
Stick to a single credit card. Banks will hound you to take their credit card and lay on the freebies and sugarcoat the offer to make it look more lucrative. However, by sticking to a single credit card can help you minimize purchases. Moreover, one less credit card translates into fewer offers on interest rates and bigger rewards on purchases.

Proactively reduce your credit limit

Request the bank or the credit card company to lower your credit limit thereby creating a situation where you won't be able to binge shop beyond the certain point and thereby saving yourself from making unnecessary purchases.

Get A Co-Signer

Ask a relative or close friend to become a co-signee when you apply for a small loan. This means that the creditor must pay off the loan on time in order to avoid dragging the co-signee to the same fate.

Trying sticking to a single bank as far as possible

Go online or ask your friends about the best bank, which offers the best features and the most benefits. The terms offered by the bank should be flexible. Aligning oneself with a single bank goes a long way in helping a person manage his finances properly.

Make Your Credit Card Payments On Time

The easiest way to offer high penalty charges is to make payments on time. In order to do this you need to be responsible and dependable.

Carefully check the annual credit report

This will enable you to closely track your credit history thereby ensuring that no error has been listed against your name.