Applying for an MSIC card is as simple as applying for a passport

Apply online - lodge at Australia Post!

Since January 2007, Australian maritime security laws have dictated that workers working in the offshore an maritime industries must prove their identity and verify that they are not a security risk to these critical industries. To do this, workers must obtain a Maritime Security Identification Card or MSIC.

An MSIC card verifies that the holder has undertaken federal background checks and is therefore not a security risk (as profiled by the Attorney General's Department). It should be noted, however, that an MSIC does not entitle you to a job or access to secure locations within a port or on an offshore faciltiy. It merely means that you have proven your identity and  undertaken a federal background check.

The following is a brief overview of the MSIC application process. Whilst there are a number of msic card issuing bodies who can provide an MSIC, this description of the application process is how Veritas Engineering undertakes the process:

1. Apply Online. To begin the process, go to their website at and click on the "Apply Now" tab. Follow the screens and complete the information the website asks. This process will generally take 7 - 10 minutes depending on how fast you type and whether you have all the necessary information on hand.

You will need to have your residential address details from your last ten years. This information is required by the background checking agencies.

2. Lodge your application. Veritas Engineering allows you to either lodge your application at any  Australia Post outlet in the country or you may lodge in person at their Perth central business district office in Western Australia. When you lodge at Australia Post, you will need to have a passport photo taken. You will also need to provide your identification documents as outlined in the checklist which is printed as part of your applciation.

If you apply at their Perth CBD office, it's the same process although they can take the passort photo for you.

3. Prove your Operational Need for an MSIC. This is done by having your employer complete the operational need letter that is included with your printed application. If you have any specific questions on whether you have an operational need for an MSIC, you can contact their friendly staff for further support.

4. MSIC to approved applicants in 1 to 2 weeks. Approval times generally vary person to person but on average, it takes Veritas Engineering only 1-2 weeks to provide MSIC's because they have developed an automated system for processing MSIC card applications. The company has received many national awards for their card processing technology and are unmatched by any other MSIC issuing body.

If you need an MSIC fast, then Veritas Engineering is the issuing body that can help you in obtaining a maritime security identification card. No hassles. Just good service.