The eyes are a powerful way to make a first, lasting impression. The most impressionable conversation after all, is non-verbal. The eyes even have the power to flirt or say back off. Knowing how to accentuate the eyes correctly can defiantly attract some attention.

Eyeshadow is a cosmetic product used to beautify the eyes by creating features or enhancing already existing ones. However, if used incorrectly, eyeshadow can take away and hide eyes. Use this tips to apply eyeshadow like a pro.

For daytime wear, eyes should appear subtle, yet bright. Pastels and shimmering neutrals are nice picks for the daylight hours. More dazzling and dramatic looks should be used during the nightlife. These can include cool, colorful shades, to deep smokey, mystifying tones. Select hues of color that match and coordinate with the eye color and skin tones.

Eyeshadow Cosmetics

Brown eyes

  • Daytime shades: copper, bronze, brown, cream, apricot and warm greens
  • Nighttime shades: hot pink, bright orange, lime green and blue

Blue eyes

  • Daytime shades: gray, purple, dark blue, warm taupes and soft peaches
  • Nighttime shades: turquoise and fuschia

Hazel and green eyes

  • Daytime shades: apricot, brown, soft violets, plum and deep greens
  • Nighttime shades: Lime green, gold and bright purples

Whichever look is desired, three shades of coordinating colors will be needed: a base, medium tone, dark tone and a highlighter, light tone . Use lighter shades for making the eyes appear larger. Darker tones can hide the eyes. However, eyeliner can also be extended out from the outside corner to make eyes appear larger when wearing darker tones. Another trick is to apply a few dots of shimmering white powder and blend in while. This will provide for illumination within the dark tones and brighten eyes. Avoid wearing shimmering and frosted eyeshadow when there are wrinkles on the lids or puffiness. These draw more attention to problem areas and should be avoided. Camouflage

When applying eyeshadow, begin with a coat of primer on the eyelid. This will smooth out any scars, wrinkles or minor imperfections. The primer will also aid in the color lasting longer.

Professional Makeup Brushes

Use professional cosmetic brushes to apply and blend eyeshadow for a more polished look. To apply eyeshadow like a pro, the powder or cream should always go on smooth and be blended flawlessly Always dab the brush across the eye color and gently tap off the excess powder before applying. However, disposable applicators are best to keep makeup from contamination and decrease the chances of eye infections.

Use a small, full bristle brush to apply the lightest shade of color. Glide it evenly over the eyelid, from the lashes to just below the brown line. Avoid going all the way to the brow line. This will be the highlighting part of the color.

Now it's time to apply the base coat. This will be the medium shade. Use an angled eye shadow brush to apply the base coat from the lash line to the crease of the eyelid.

Then use a narrow brush to apply a line of the darkest eyeshadow above the base coat. With a slight angle, extend it out towards the brow line.

Cosmetic Powder

An important trick to applying eyeshadow like a pro is to set the look and add lasted wear. Wet a disposable swab and apply face powder to it. Gently add a thin layer on top of the eyeshadow. Another option is to gently apply a dry layer of translucent powder, being careful not to get the fine powder into the eyes.

It's very important to keep all brushes clean and to keep all cosmetics stores in air-tight containers to avoid contamination and bacteria growth. The eyes can be sensitive and vulnerable to infections. Discard powder eyeshadow after it has been in use for a year. Cream varieties should be discarded after 6 months of use says the eyeshadow pros.