No matter how you try not to get involved in a motorcycle accident, you would eventually get into one at least once in your lifetime. Unlike accidents involving four-wheelers, motorcycle collisions are often more devastating, and result to more painful injuries. One of the more common motorcycle accident injuries is the road rash injury.

Have you experienced peeling off a part of your skin from the side of your finger? Is it painful? Imagine peeling off several centimeters of your outer skin – that is what happens in road rash injuries. Road rash injuries are abrasions on the skin caused by friction between the road and skin, causing swelling, peeling, bruises and cuts. There are several degrees of road rash injuries:

  • First degree – The skin area may be swollen for sometime. This road rash injury heals in a matter of days.

  • Second degree – Only the outer layer of skin was peeled off. This type of injury may heal from one to two weeks, depending on the skin area of the wound.

  • Third degree – The inner skin was also damaged, exposing layers of tissue underneath. This kind of road rash needs continuous medication for at least two weeks. Drying and healing comes after three weeks.

If you get into a motorcycle accident, treating your own injuries is one of the most difficult things to do. In case you just fell off your motorbike and sustained road rash injuries, here are some of the first aid treatment procedures you may take to lessen the bleeding and avoid infection.

  • Clean the wound with mild soap and water.

  • If applicable, use an antiseptic wash such as hydrogen peroxide.

  • Cover the wound with an antibiotic ointment.

  • Use a semi permeable dressing to cover the wound.

  • If the wound keeps on bleeding after 15 minutes, you may need stitching.

As stated earlier, no matter how you try not to get into an accident, you still cannot change the uncontrollable force called fate. That is why as a safe motorcyclist, you should be prepared when an accident happens. The following are some ways to prevent suffering from road rash injuries:

  • Wear thick clothes such as leather jackets and jeans.

  • Wear your helmet.

  • When you hit a car or something while on the road, do not hit the brakes or make a sharp turn.

Indeed, accidents are inevitable and the only way motorists can handle such situations is be prepared for them. Safe, responsible, and prepared drivers have very little chances of getting into a vehicle accident. And if they do, they would not suffer much because they were prepared for it.