Shop online with a safe students credit card apply for a low APR students credit card and forget cash

The credit card business is one the trickiest in the commercial world, and if you are planning to apply for a credit card, there are certain important things you need to be aware off. Most people make the fatal mistake of not doing any research before applying for a credit card. They simply sign with the first credit card company they are approached by, and happily believe they have been given the best credit card offer. Moreover most new credit card users also make the mistake of accepting a credit card that's primarily designed for users with who have an established credit. New users should never go for these cards. If you have never owned credit card before, I can safely guess that you are probably a college students, contemplating about getting your first credit card.

Different Types of Credit Cards for Different People
When people start their hunt for credit card, they never think of the various possibilities open to them. If you're in college you should go for a college credit card. College and students card are perfect for young students with no credit history. While most 'professional' and business credit cards require an established credit history, student credit cards don't require any such information. However, if you aren't a student and are in the market for a new credit card, you should apply for a 'first time credit card', a no credit credit card or a secure credit card.

Apply for A No Annual fee Student Credit Card
Before applying and getting approved for a new students credit card, you should check the various options open to you. Student credit cards carry two types of fees. The annual fee is one of principal costs of a credit card, the other being the APR or interest rate on your outstanding balance. This is usually between 12 to 16% percent. If you carefully research and bargain with the card companies, you might get free credit card with no annual fee. This will help you save a lot of money on your credit card.

Online Credit Card Application for Student Credit Card
Most credit card companies like Visa, Mastercard and Discover love to have college students using their card. That's because most people stick to the card they used in college for life and keep getting it upgraded as their needs change. Thus they become lifetime customers of the credit card company. Since it's such an important decision, you should never blindly sign up with the first company that approaches you with an offer. Don't get swayed by the freebies they promise as an incentive to take their card.

Instead go online, do your research, compare various credit card options and choose the one that best suits your needs. You can also fill their online credit card application and the company will do the rest. These online credit card application forms will ask you to fill up some simple information like your name, your permanent and current address, your social security number and few multiple choice questions.

Getting Your First Credit Card
Applying for a credit card and getting one isn't hard at all. Just make sure you have read the fine print before you applying for the card.