Applying for Teaching Basic Courses for Online Degree Programs

As adjunct teaching on the ground dries up and teachers find themselves standing in line for a sliver of hope for employment or Ph.D.'s reduced to bussing tables, many are turning to online teaching to make ends meet. If you are considering going into online teaching, there are some basics that will smooth your path to getting hired to work in an online degree program.

Prepare the required documents. There are basic documents that are requested again and again. You can bet the school or company will want to see your CV, your unofficial transcripts to prove your degrees are valid, (ordinarily, you are required to hold a BS or BA degree) references from your professors or from your current employer, and a cover letter explaining why you want to work for their school or company. You can develop a template and slightly modify it to fit the particular school or business to which you are applying. There is no need to reinvent the wheel each time you apply to a different organization. Just make sure you are applying to work in an online degree program. Also, you are more likely to get work if you apply to teach basic programs. Examples are Composition and Algebra 101. These courses are required for certification of the school and there are usually many sections available.

Get to Know Your Recruitment Expert for Online Degree Programs

It is important that you develop a good working relationship with your online degree program scheduler. This person knows the needs of the program and will recommend certain persons who look promising to them; that is, persons who return calls, who supply necessary

documents, who stay in touch without browbeating or being a pest, who are polite and courteous in communicating. Make their job easier and they are more likely to support your being hired.

Most online schools such as Baker, Phoenix, Argosy, DeVry, and Kaplan are private companies. They are run as a business and the no nonsense attitude of getting the job done efficiently is rewarded throughout. In addition to these for profit schools there are departments in state institutions of learning that focus on online instruction. You are free to apply to either a profit or non-profit school. There are over 3,400 state schools sponsoring online degree programs. University of Texas, among others, publishes a list of these schools. So, you have plenty of schools to which you may apply. Send out multiple applications. Do not get into a linear waiting game, waiting for one school to respond before you send another. You will be old and gray if you choose this path. Bombard the school with applications and follow up with a phone call to Human Resources and the department head of your subject area, be it English or Math. Keep in mind that no matter where you actually live, you may apply across the nation. A great advantage of an online school is that it transcends location. You can live in Maine and teach classes for a school in California.

Training Programs are Required for Most New Instructors Teaching in Online Schools

Once you are on track for being hired, you must go through a training program. Your being hired is dependent on your making passing scores on the school's training program. You can prep yourself before you actually take the training. Read as much as possible about the company you will be working for. A primary area that you will encounter in the training is how you communicate with others. By others, I mean your students and your supervisor. You must know how to communicate

with problem students as well as students who do excellent work. Problem students are often withdrawn and isolated, non cooperative in group work, hostile and prone to verbally attack peers or the instructor, students who are given to the use of profanity or obscenity or in direct violation of the rules of the school, such as cheating or plagiarism. Do some work on line and find out how your school handles each type of misbehavior.

Your program may stress obtaining a distance education degree, an online teaching degree, a psychology degree online, or an online degree in accounting as well as a law degree online. It is possible to work toward and graduate with an online Ph.D. There are many private schools that offer online Ph.D. programs. If you know the ultimate goal of your students, it can be a great boost for you and your students in establishing rapport.

programs. You will want to master navigation in the system as soon as possible so that you can help the students learn the same system. But you are not thrown into class and told to swim or drown. After you finish your training and pass the tests, you will be assigned a mentor who will be with you when you start teaching. They will give you feedback on your teaching; that is, on the feedback you give your students. If you run into problems, be sure to seek support from your mentor. And think of it; while you are learning a new system, you will make extra money online. Another prime aspect of the training will be navigation of the program of study and learning how to not only use but teach the students to use the platform provided. Many folks think odd things about online teaching. Some fancifully entertain the idea that they are going to see a miniature classroom with little desks and puppets for instructors and students. It is nothing like this.

Most of the curriculum is presented in sequence on the left side of the monitor. You can learn to navigate the system by following the directions given on the left of the screen. In the training, you will be taken through all of this, and you will be told what is required and what is not required. For example, you do not have to create lesson plans; that has been done for you. You do not have to write a curriculum; that has been done for you. You do not have to design a grading system or procedure; that has been done for you. What you are responsible to perform on a continuing basis is giving feedback to the students. This is the usual structure of online degree programs.

The numbers of online adjunct job opportunities have risen in tandem with the maturation of distance education technology over the last ten years or so. Plus, new and return college students have swollen student populations at community colleges and universities during the last two or three years as a result of the declining job market and these post-secondary students are more than happy to earn an online college degree by accessing online college courses from their personal computers. However, the adjunct faculty member still teaching in a physical college or university or community college classroom is restricted to how much income can be generated by this intellectual activity since it is imperative for the adjunct instructor to be physically present in the classroom in order to earn any money from the teaching activity. Conversely, the online adjunct instructor simply logs onto the Internet using an inexpensive laptop computer and is instantly in the online college courses of a dozen or more accredited online college degree programs. Obviously, an online adjunct instructor can generate much more online adjunct income than is ever possible for a traditional adjunct faculty member to generate during the same amount of time. Applying for online adjunct college teaching jobs with online bachelor degree programs and online master's degree programs is the best employment strategy for college teachers today.