Taking a trip to Russia is an exciting and captivating experience. However, before you set off, there are a number of things you need to consider that are unique to this amazing place. Russian visas are one of these concerns, and it's worth arranging this for your journey at an early stage. You can't arrive at Russia for your trip and set up your visa at that point, it must be done in advance of your journey.

Requirement and Application

People from most states are required to have a Russian visa to visit the country. In order to get your Russian visa, you have to go through the Russian consulate. However, you can pursue parts of the process through other bodies that have been given the ability to perform these by the Russian government, such as the Russian National Tourist Office. Paperwork should be submitted to the consulate, where the resulting decision is taken regarding whether your visa is going to be issued. There is no guarantee that you shall definitely be granted a visa by the consulate, and it isn't just a case of paying the relevant fee. This is why it's advantageous using the services offered by a travel or tourist organisation that is able to carry forward the Russian visa process.

Bodies that are able to facilitate an application for a Russian visa are in some cases able to perform this in the Internet. You can apply on the relevant websites, submitting the relevant info and documents and paying your fee. In order for your Russian visa application to go ahead, you should supply your original passport, a photograph, a filled out application form, and in some cases other documents for example with relation to your income. Your application also requires supplementary documentation, some of which might be supplied by the organisation you are applying through.


The Russian visa application procedure works through a number of stages. You will have to have an invitation, and a voucher, which your tourism organisation can arrange. There are varying types of Russian visa available, which relate to the reason for your journey. For a tourist visa, the tourist organisation or company will secure the right type of invitation for your application and attach this along with the supporting documents for your Russian visa.

Also along with your tourist visa application should be your tourist voucher and information regarding your trip to Russia. Again, your tourism body will be able to facilitate the inclusion of this supporting documentation as well as the relevant details with the application, and should attach them with the invitation.

Time Period

A Russian visa should refer to a set period, which is generally detailed in the invitation documentation. The period will be the time for which your visa will be valid, and so you have to ensure that you only make arrangements for your journey that match it.

Other purposes for visiting

If you happen to be travelling to Russia with purposes other than tourist, then you may require a different type of visa. The application procedure is a little different for visas including 'business'; and 'visitor', so you might need to attach additional information and supporting documentation accordingly.