What is Fishbein Model

Warm-up Activity 

     Before we can jump into our marketing activity we must shift our brain into marketing mode.  The first step in our warm-up will be to go to the bathroom and find five hygiene products.  Next line them up from favorite item to least favorite item.  Starting with your favorite item, write down three features of this product.  Then do it for the rest of the products going from favorite to least.  Finally look at your list and decided why you bought each product and why you didn't buy a competing product. 

First Step

     Understanding the consumer purchase decision process is the first step in marketing a product.  If you don't know how or why a consumer buys your products than there is no way of knowing what direction to take to improve sales.  It is very important to understand why a consumer "wants" a product.



BI = A + SNB (MC)

Where did it come from?
     The formula was derived from a theory of attitude in the late 70's.  It simply shows how a consumer will make a decision about a product based on their attitude of that product.  

How to use it
     This formula is not as complicated as it looks. 

BI = Behavioral Intent
A = Attitude
SNB = Social Norms Beliefs
MC = Motivation to Comply

It is read as follows:  Behavioral Intent equals Attitude plus Social Norm Beliefs times Motivation to Comply with SNB. 

I know this still sounds complicated but we will work through it step by step. 
BI = Is the consumers final behavior after they have made their decision.
A = Beliefs that a product has an attribute, times the evaluation (goodness or badness) of that attribute.
SNB = This is simply the social norm.  It is social norm to wear deodorant, give gifts on holidays, and to say excuse me.
MC = This is the consumers motivation to seek out a product.

Some believe that Mountain Dew is bad for us because it is not nutritious.  We can change the attitude (by changing the beliefs) by pointing out that it has orange juice or by adding vitamins.  We can change the evaluation by showing that it has citric acid and pointing out that citric acid is good for you.
     When we look at social norm, think Michael Jordan's hair style, or DeBeers diamonds and how they are the "best." MC can be changed by creating an image of being shunned for not having this product.  Think of a bully picking on a kid because of his binder or shoes.  Advertising is very powerful when we look at it like this. 

Final Thoughts
This exercise is meant to help narrow down where you want your product to go or to help find its weakness.  This is something that shouldn't take a few minutes to discover the next step in your product.  You should spend a few days trying to change every step in the formula and then picking the best path for your product.