Keeping active

Every organisation with a website is looking for online success but only a few really understand how to achieve it. Some people in business believe that their website will be found through a mix of word-of-mouth and a smattering of search engine optimisation. It is not unusual for a digital agency in London to solely focus on website design and leave the entire process of creating online success to their client. Admittedly, many organisations are of the firm belief that a web design agency only offers website construction and design, whereas, there are a few agencies that offer economic site construction and design complemented by a comprehensive approach to ecommerce marketing strategies.

There is no doubt that for the average website designer, creating a well-designed website is enough to make a living for the design agency and yet creating the web portal for online success is really only a fraction of the story. Of course, it should never be underestimated the importance of a good looking website that is fully customised, has been search engine optimised and has technical support should any aspect of the ecommerce procedure go wrong. But, for the elite design agencies that have teams of experts operating in countries such as India, building a website is only half the story. Driving customers to that website requires a high level of online marketing experience and innovation.

Every successful website has to be well-written in terms of coding to ensure that the search engine spiderbots can crawl through the site effectively. Key words should be properly researched and should include the most popular and niche; the URL and the META tags should also be search engine friendly.

Away for the website much can be done to boost traffic flow including writing numerous search engine optimised articles for placing on third party websites with direct links to the home page. Other areas that can help increase footfall include pay per click and various forms of affiliate marketing that, when combined within a strategic approach, can increase clicks considerably.

The key measure for the success of a website for a leading digital agency in London is at what position does a client’s website appear in the search engines’ generic rankings? What are the researched key words and key phases that lift a client further up the search results? If your digital agency is not concerned about SEO and online marketing, then perhaps you should take a look at other online marketing agencies that can offer a full package for modest prices because much of their design and marketing operations are located overseas.

There is no doubt that internet marketing is a complex business because the competition is so fierce, but in the right hands, it really is possible to create a website that when certain popular key words are Googled, the website will appear on the first page of free results.