It seems that every few months or so a specific event or occasion sparks up another opportunity for gift giving. Whether it's Valentine's Day, a birthday, graduation, Mother's or Father's Day, engagements and religious holidays, it's hard to find the perfect gift for the special people in life. Instead of just buying a card and gift card, be creative with the gift giving process. No matter the holiday or occasion, sometimes the best gifts for loved ones come in the form of jewelry.

Here are some ideas for appropriate jewelry gifts for special occasions.

Valentine's Day Jewelry Gifts

Valentine's Day marks one of the many holidays for giving special gifts for the loved ones in your life. Whether it's a boyfriend or girlfriend, son or daughter, husband or wife, small tokens of jewelry are always a great way to show someone that they are appreciated and loved. Think about shopping around for a heart-shaped diamond necklace, or a pin full of rubies to stay in tune with the season of the holiday. Or for the guys, opt for diamond-studded cufflinks or a beautiful watch.

Gifts for Academic Achievements

High school and college graduation are another special occasion in everyone's life. Whether they are celebrating a high GPA all throughout their years in high school, or celebrating a Bachelor's or Master's Degree, it's a pretty important moment in someone's life. Jewelry gifts are also an option when it comes to gift giving. Diamond faced or gold plated watches are also a safe choice for a male or female. Gold or diamond rings are also a favorite among girls and women. Or for a more detailed gift, engrave the student's school and year they graduated onto the inside of the watch or ring for a more memorable gift.

Presents for Mother's and Father's Day

Mother's and Father's Day is not just a holiday to take parents out to brunch or dinner. Think of a parent's birthstone or favorite gem and include it in a special token of appreciation in the form of jewelry. An experienced and inventive jeweler will be able to assist in gift giving to parents for the best gift a parent will ever receive.

Engagements and Wedding Presents

Engagements and weddings are another major event to happen in a person's life. Despite the standard gold band and diamond engagement ring the bride and groom will give each other, gifts in the form of jewelry are also a nice touch to give. Take the option of giving the bride a string of pearls or diamond chandelier earrings for her big day. Grooms also enjoy special gold or silver cufflinks to wear on their big day as well. The options are pretty much endless when it comes to special gifts to give.

Gifts for Religious Holidays

Religious holidays like Kwanzaa, Chanukah and Christmas are great times to give your loved ones a special gift to show appreciation and love. Go to the local jeweler and look for pendants and pins that represent your loved one's holiday. Christmas trees, Jewish stars and menorahs and Kwanzaa kinaras would make a great pendant for a family member or friend.