iPhone Apps for students, of course. Every student has a smart phone in its pocket right? And now we are living in the wonderful time where everything is two clicks away. Clicks? Touches of course.

Because students always carry a machine in their pocket they should make good use of it. Therefor, here a list of apps, especially for students!

iPhone Apps for Students

  1. PI83 Graphing Calculator
    I remember playing Mario on my TI-83, now you can do everything you can do with the TI-83 on your iPhone. The app even has a timestamp for screenshots if students leave the app to look up answers!
  2. iQuotations
    Quotes always make an essay better, with this app students can look up quotes easily.
  3. New Oxford American Dictionary
    This would definitely be the most expensive app in the list, with a nice price of $29.99. This app does contain 250,000 entries and 60,000 audio pronunciations though and these are stored on your iPhone, so no internet required!
  4. EZ Read
    If you use Sparknotes.com, here is it for your iPhone. Everything is included, even quizzes and study sections!
  5. Pizza!
    With GPS you can find the nearest restaurants who deliver pizza! Save time by reading reviews and sorting out which establishment is the fastest, tastiest and of course, the cheapest!
  6. Math Pro
    This app covers everything math-wise. Six apps in one, from Algebra till calculus.
  7. Flashcards
    With this app you can create flash cards by putting whatever you want on them (even pictures and audio). You can use the flash cards wherever you want when you have a spare minute.
  8. Cram
    Also an app for creating flashcards, Cram contains multiple-choice tests as well to study for the next test, including the PSAT, SAT and GRE.
  9. Dropbox
    This one cannot be missed in this list. With Dropbox you can sync files between your smart phone and computer and you can easily share files with groups of people. Using Dropbox as a student is a smart thing, especially because there is more free extra Dropbox storage for students when they use there .edu email address!
  10. Evernote
    Capture everything. Evernote enables you to capture everything, Evernote saves photos, notes, pdf's and whatever you want. No productive person could miss Evernote in their daily lives and especially people in college should learn how to use Evernote as a student.
  11. Wikipedia Mobile
    No, Wikipedia isn't a reliable source, we know that by now. But it is a source where you can quickly look something up to gain some general knowledge. That is why this app is handy! To do a quick look-up!
  12. iStudies Pro
    The organization app for the iPhone. You will get alerts for assignments, a way to keep track of your classes and a beautiful color-coded interface.
  13. Brainwave Powernap
    You won't get your 8 hours every night, accept it. Therefor you should learn how to power nap and this app can help you with it. It sends out certain waves (using your headphones) and because of these waves you will get in a certain state where you can easily fall asleep. Tested and a pro-app for powernappers.
  14. Convert - the unit calculator
    Convert whatever you want. Currencies, geometry, typography and even cooking.

This list of apps will bring every student to a more productive life! Do you miss an app in this list of iPhone apps for students? Possible of course, most of all because there are so many apps for students!