Whether you are decorating your bathroom with aqua, turquoise or teal you can create a room that feels light and airy. Cool colors work well in bathrooms because they can make small rooms look bigger. Plus, these colors might even make your room feel clean. You can use it in the guest bath or the master. Depending on how you style the space these colors can even work for teens or kids. Here is how to decorate a bathroom with your favorite shade of blue. You may have an aqua bathroom by default. This was a popular color in retro design, but now your room might just feel dated. The biggest barrier to a modern space could be that horrible shower tile.

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Working With Blue Bath Tile

 It may turn you off of the color completely. Instead of going through an expensive remodel make the most of the vintage appeal.Teal BathroomCredit: Free Range Stock


The first step to makeover a vintage blue bathroom is to find a way to make the tile work. If it's really unbearable you can hire a professional to come in and glaze it a crisp white, or put in a new shower liner. It can be tempting to match blue with more blue but this can make a small space seem horrific. Instead, try neutralizing the space. Take out the blue sink and toilet and replace them with new, fresh white models. You can find a granite vanity countertop that will make the space seem updated. Then use stainless steel fixtures throughout the space to compliment the aqua. You can tie it all together with shower curtain fabrics that feature green and blue tones that mimic sea glass.

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Turquoise Bathrooms

A turquoise bathroom is a cheerful place to get ready for your day but that doesn't mean that it has to be overwhelming. You can even give it a little bit of a beach or cottage feel. Install wainscoting around the space. Make sure that it's water resistant first. This is cheaper and more charming then tile, plus it's a lot easier to put up. Give it a different look by following the rule of thirds. This will keep the room from looking like you broke it straight in half. For a dramatic effect put the material 2/3s of the way up the wall. Turquoise Bathroom(84243)Credit: Free Range Stock


You can even beef up molding with architectural rosettes or a wider trim. Then paint everything bright white. Then paint the small section of wall that is left a bright turquoise. Create a casual feeling with inexpensive woven blinds; just make sure they provide enough privacy.

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Teal Bathroom

A teal bathroom is a little darker and more dramatic than turquoise. You can use it in a big space, or make it work to your advantage. This might help you with a Moroccan theme. Bring in a lot of intricate tile work in purples and golds to accent the walls and flooring. You might even want to find a mirror that's been framed out with more tile work. Use over the top lanterns as light fixtures to create a moody feel.

Sometimes a powder room isn't even big enough to turn around in. It will never feel like a palace, so make it feel like a rich jewel box instead. Stain the doors, trim and vanity a rich mahogany. Add in sconces and overhead lighting and take out any unnecessary items. Plus, the space is so small that you'll be able to repaint if it doesn't work out.

It seems like all new construction homes have the same basic bathroom. Sure, it's nice that they use high end materials like slate or marble tile. You may even have chosen the house because of the oversized tub. However, you may hate the generic quality of it. Your bathroom probably looks just like everyone else's in your subdivision. Use color and paint to highlight the materials that are already there. Look closely at slate tile and you'll see a lot of different shades of blue. This is an unexpected combination that is still very livable.

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Using Blue In Every Theme

You might have a basic oak or wood vanity in your room that you just hate. These can be expensive to replace. If you change it out for a pedestal sink you'll lose a lot of storage space. You can transform it and give the piece new life with just a little bit of paint. This is a great way to add color to your home without having to go through the hassle of painting your walls. Sure, it's a small room but there are a lot of corners and edges that take forever to paint around. Try dry brushing different shades of blue on the wood for a country look. For more of a cottage feel go with a blue stain. The stain should have a lot of gray in it so it seems weathered. You can even make the fixture modern by removing all unnecessary adornments. Then paint it with a high gloss turquoise, (be careful, every mistake will show). Then add on oversized stainless steel handles to complete the look.

Another area where you might want to add color is a vessel sink. If you want a traditional or southwest look then find one that looks like a blue and white patterned bowl. For a more contemporary feel buy a piece that just looks like clear blue glass. This may be the only touch of turquoise or teal a room needs but it will make a big statement. Continue the cutting edge theme with a slick waterfall faucet.

If you are renting you probably want to add a little personality to your space but you can't paint. Ask your landlord if you can hang up a window treatment to soften the look. You can always take it with you when you leave. Roman shades aren't overly fussy but they give you the chance to put in some color. Then just buy new soap dishes, rugs and towels. Some of the items can have a pattern on them like a turquoise and brown damask print. This will give your room personality and high style.

Decorating a bathroom in blue has endless possibilities depending on the shade you choose. Turquoise can remind you of the Southwest and teal can seem exotic. Use your favorite shade to make a big impact in a small space.