Aquaponics, Aquaculture, and Permaculture

Here we will define aqua farming and give five reasons why you should consider adopting it into your gardening or farming methods.   Aqua farming, also known as aquaponics, is the combination of aquaculture and hydroponics.  In an aquaculture system fish are grown, while a hydroponic system primarily involves growing plants in soilless media.   Hydroponics typically utilizes a significant amount of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals to stimulate the growth of the plants.  This, of course, creates a problem for those interested in growing food organically. 


Aqua farming was a derivative of the hydroponics method.  However, it also incorporates the use of organic waste from fish by absorbing this material into the plants as a nutrient solution.  The system is left to itself except for the addition of fish food.  The symbiotic relationship between plants and fish allows for an almost completely self-sustaining ecosystem and can benefit the gardener or farmer by producing a wholesome source of organic food.


Below are five reasons why you should consider adding aqua farming to your organic gardening or farming methods:

  1. No soil pests!  Since there is no need for pesticides, you are able to produce very healthy crops without the added chemical poisons.
  2. Plants grow must faster!  Plant scientists have observed that using aqua farming (aquaponics) causes some plants to grow TWICE as fast.
  3. No need for watering!  Since the same water is constantly re-circulated, and none is being lost by soil absorption, you basically end up using about 2% of the water involved in normal gardening.  The plants always have access to nutrient rich water so you don’t have to water them ever again.  This could save a lot on your water bill as well.
  4. As much as 10 times more plants!  Plants can be kept much closer together than conventional growing, so you can potentially pack 10 times as much plants in the same space.
  5. Food to sell for extra income!  Since this method produces way more food than you and a potential average-sized family could eat, you will be able to give away or even sell the extra produce.  Also, this method produces fast-growing FISH as well.  So you can eat what you can and give away or sell the rest also.


These are just a small few of the benefits that you could achieve with aqua farming.  You could easily see a skyrocket in your gardening productivity if you were to correctly adopt this revolutionary method.  Oh, and don’t forget the ton of time you’ll save, and all the fun you and your family would have with this new trick up your sleeve.