If you love to give your cat treats, then here is an all-natural one that your cats will love, the aqua garden grass pods cat treats!

This is basically a basket with wheat grass pods that will fit into the 50 ounce Drinkwell pet  water fountains that you can get for your kitty.  It is basically a fountain that takes the water and circulates it in a fountain style, keeping the water fresh and cats just love drinking water in this manner.  They seem to get a kick out of the entire setup.

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Drinkwell Aqua Garden

No more stagnant water, but one of the neat additions you can get for this fountain, is the grass pods that fit in a basket that sits in this fountain.  The continuously moving water germinates the pods and it will grow all natural wheat grass that your cats will love.

This brings new meaning to the “kitty water cooler”.  They can now mosey on over for a drink from the fountain and a chew on the grass.  This grass is great for digestion and perfect for any cat that suffers with hairballs, as wheat grass has been known to help prevent them.  They will relax and enjoy having a fresh drink.

As you can see by the picture, these baskets with the grass pods simple sit to one side of the reservoir, so they are not in the way, but a nice little addition or snack to the water cooler. Aqua Garden Grass Pods Cat Treat Water FountainCredit: Amazon.com

These fountains are a great way to entice your cat to drink more water because they can get very fussy about the freshness of water.  My cat won’t touch her water if it has sat in the bowl for more than a few hours.  My other cat will resort to drinking from the toilet, but this one cat will simply not drink, which we all know can be dangerous to their health.

By using a fountain the water stays fresher longer as it is circulating, but the addition of these aqua garden grass pods cat treats is like the icing on the cake.

You can purchase these pods separately from the Drinkwell water fountain, and they are such a great addition to the water bowl.

If your cat likes to chew on your plants, especially while you are not home, then this would make a great diversion from that bad habit (many plants can be harmful if not deadly to cats).  Giving them a nice cool snack of wheat grass will get them coming to the water cooler more often for that much needed drink.

Just make sure and keep the reservoir full of fresh water as you may be surprised to see just how much more water your cat will drink when they can get it in a running fountain along with some nice wheat grass to chew on.

You can get these aqua pods and aqua pod refills from most large pet supply stores but you can also get them online at sites such as Amazon. 

So, if you find your cat is eating your plants or having trouble with hairballs adding one of these Drinkwell water fountains and the aqua garden grass pods cat treats will do the trick.

If you kitty could use some more exercise than hanging around the water cooler then check out this food ball for your kitty and watch him play for his food.

Aqua Garden for Cats

Drinkwell Pet Fountain W/ Aqua Garden Cat Grass
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they enjoy drinking from this and then having a nibble on the grass.