Aquarium Care of Oscars by Neal Pronek and Brian M Scott is a hardcover book about Oscars fish.

I like the presentation in this book.

Aquarium Care of Oscars by Neal Pronek and Brian M Scott has a total of seven chapters.

Chapter 1 talks about the reasons for keeping Oscar fish and the background of Oscar fish. Since Oscar fish is one of the smartest freshwater fish, this chapter also mentions about teaching Oscars some tricks.

Chapter 2 goes into detail about setting up of the aquarium for the fish. It advises hobbyists not to waste time on decorating the aquarium with plants.

Oscar fish is very mischievous. They will uproot the plants and mess up your decoration.

Chapter 3 talks about the diet of Oscar fish. Oscar fish is a messy eater. That means they will mess up the aquarium with their eating habit.

You are likely to see Oscar fish chew and spit out the food. It does not know that it is dirtying the water.

Oscar fish is not a fussy eater. It can eat pellets, live fish, frozen meat, freeze-dried meat, worms, and insects. You can even try to make homemade food for the Oscar fish.

The problem with many owners is that they tend to overfeed the fish. Oscar fish has a bad habit of always looking hungry and eating up all the food offered. Even when it is full, it will force itself to eat more food.

Chapter 4 tells us about the diseases afflicting Oscar fish.

Oscar fish is a very hardy fish. However, due to its aggressiveness and tendency to fight, it suffers from various injuries.

The fact that Oscar fish is a messy eater contributes to the growth of bad bacteria in the water. If you are not diligent in changing the water, the dirty water will make the fish sick.

Chapter 5 is about the companionship for Oscar. You can keep Oscar fish with other fishes. However, these fishes must be bigger than the Oscar fish, and must not threaten the Oscar fish.

Due to the individuality of the Oscar fish, it may not take very kindly to the additional of other fishes.

However, some hobbyists experience the phenomenon of Oscar fish making friends with their food. They feed a few live goldfish to the Oscar fish. The Oscar fish likes a few goldfish so much that it spares its lives.

In the end, the hobbyists have a big Oscar fish and a few equally big goldfish.

Chapter 6 gives a few common strains of Oscar fish.

As the fish farms in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand are producing special strains of Oscar fishes, there are many different strains in the market.

You can find the common Oscars, Chocolate Oscars, Green Oscars, Gold Oscars, Lemon Oscars, Lutino Oscars, Purple Oscars, Red Oscars, Tiger Red Oscars, Tiger Oscars, Albino Oscars, Zebra Oscars, Veiltails Oscars, and Sunshine Oscars.

The last chapter is the most interesting chapter of all. It deals with the breeding of Oscar fish. Oscar fish is not the easiest fish to breed.

Their personalities make it hard for hobbyists to breed them successfully. They may not take kindly to your matchmaking effort.

It seems that Oscar fish prefers to choose their own partners. They may even flirt with each other with no plan for starting a family.

However, the reward is great when you see your beloved Oscar fish produces 2,000 eggs. Obviously not all the 2,000 fries survive.

Even with a survival rate of 10%, you will have at least 200 little Oscar fish.

Aquarium Care of Oscars by Neal Pronek and Brian M Scott is a most practical book for all owners of Oscar fishes.

If you intend to keep Oscar fish, you have to buy this book before setting up an aquarium.

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