Aquariums for beginners will give you some hints if you are thinking about putting a tropical fish aquarium in your home.  Tropical fish come from all over the world, and live in both fresh and salt water.  The tanks are popular as the fish come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. 

People usually think that an aquarium is a lot of work, but usually it is very easy to do the upkeep on an aquarium.  If you have not had an aquarium before, it is easy to get information from friends, books, and the internet.    

First decision to make is how big a tank you want to start off.  Fish tank sizes range from a cup of water to hundreds of gallons for a home tank.  Some of the very small designer tanks can more trouble than a bigger tank, if you are not careful about the amount of fish you put in the tank.  For your first tank, consider starting off with a 10 gallon aquarium tank.  Later, if you have caught the aquarium bug, it is easy to upgrade, and a smaller tank always comes in handy.  Fish tank sizes that are suitable for you also be determined by the location you pick for the tank.

Choose a location for your tank.  Make sure that whatever you are putting the tank on is level, and can support a 10 gallon aquarium tank.  Consider also the items you will have around the tank.  If you will have a hanging filter on the back of the tank, you need clearance for the filter.  You may need room for an air pump outside of the tank also. 

Fish, and plants if you decided to have them, need light.  Natural light is very good for the fish and plants, but often the tank will not get enough natural light.  Plants especially need a lot of light.  You can also get a hood for the tank that has a light incorporated in it.    The hood will take up room, and to open the hood and reach in you will need room.  Be sure if you are putting your tank of a shelf that there is enough clearance above the tank to reach in.

Decide where you are going to get water.  You can use tap water, but if so, you will need to buy chemicals to remove the chlorine from the water.  You can buy distilled water, but then you have the hassle of bottles and transporting them.  You will need to carry the bottles into the house, so that may influence your placement of the tank.  Decide what is easiest for you. 

YAquarium TipsCredit: MorgueFileou now have made basic decisions about tank placement and size, and may have even started setting up your tank.  What are you going to put in the tank?  Decorations like mermaids and sunken ships are cool decorations, and look over the selection at your local fish store to decide what you like.  Rocks and gravel come in many different colors, decide what size and color, or mixture of colors you want to put in it.

Will you need a heater?  The answer is, probably.  Tropical fish come from a warm environment, and need a relatively constant warm temperature to their water to thrive, and sometimes just to survive.  There are some conditions they can get just from temperature dip in the water. 

Some kind of filter will be necessary.  You will want one strong enough to clean the water and not get clogged up by anything it may be sucking up. 

An air pump is another basic requirement for your new tank.  The fish breathe the oxygen in the water, and the air need replenished.  You will also need air for your mermaid!

Tips for Aquarium SetupCredit: MorgueFileConsider, however, adding live plants to your tank.  Plastic fake aquarium plants are a choice, of course, but consider getting live plants for aquariums.  Healthy plants can add a natural lush look to the tank that is unmatched by plastic plants.  live plants for aquariums let the fish feel more secure and less stressed.  It gives them a more natural setting and a place to hide.

The introduction of plants in the tank also helps to mimic the biological environment of the ocean.  The wastes of the fish are used by the plants, helping to keep the water clean.  You will need to make sure that the plants do not over grow the tank by pruning them. Also, since they are living in a tank, you will need to take out any of the dead sections or leaves right away. 

Fish Tanks Can Be A Lifetime HobbyCredit: MorgueFilePlants will also help to provide a setting for useful micro organisms that grow in a will balanced environment.  They will also inhibit the growth of unsightly algae, since the algae and the plants use a lot of the same nutrients.  Some fish also need plants to reproduce, and the plants give them places to lay their eggs and others just need the security of a place to hide.

If you are considering a fish tank, do not be worried about the burden of the maintenance.   If you set up the tank correctly, it is easy to keep up and you will have an enjoyable addition to your household.  For help, just look for fish aquarium maintenance tips on the internet or a book at the fish store.

If you have already set up a tank, or set one up and think something is not working right, it is easy enough to break down and start over.  Re-read aquariums for beginners and set it up again, using the knowledge you have gained from your mistakes and this article.