Zodiac Tattoo design ideas

Aquarius is one of those rare yet mystical sun signs which find takers in deeply interested people. If you know somebody who has an Aquarius tattoo design on their body or if you are one such person, there are high chances that the person or you, in respective cases, are an Aquarius by birth. What remains a mystery for the outsiders about Aquarius people is that the people born under this sun sign tend to do things that are not really run of the mill. They have their own beliefs, not quite matching to most around them. They like to live life big, and do things in their own way. Rarely will you find Aquarian people who do things according to the rules set by superiors or even their parents, for that matter. They have their own set of rules, and could change them as well, if they feel like doing so. What is interesting about Aquarians, for you should know it before you get for yourself Aquarius tattoo designs, is that they have a soul of the traveler. Not literally that they will travel all the time, but given a chance they would like to.


aquarius tattoo designs

The symbol of the Aquarius is a person with a pitcher holding water. At some places, you will find that the pitcher is shown letting go of the water. Water is a symbol of flexibility. Water takes the shape of the container where it is put, and it flows freely if you allow it to do so. This characteristic is very much similar to that of the characteristics of the Aquarian person. They can get acquainted with any type of environment, physical or social. If you can’t judge it by looking at you, try to think about a friend or family member who can adjust with any type of conditions without much complaining. Ask them their birthday and they will answer it is between 21st January and 19th February. Aquarius tattoo designs are drawn keeping this characteristic of the people born under this sun sign.



The design of this tattoo cannot be very concrete in its feel. By this, I mean that there has to be certain fluidity in the lines of this tattoo designs. The use of aquatic colors like shades of blue and green do justice to the Aquarius tattoo designs very well. Aquarius people are more often than not creative themselves, so it is not a big deal for them to understand the look and feel of these tattoos. However, when you feel stuck or in want of proper inspiration, internet can be a reliable source of ideas and designs.

Zodiac tattoo designFirstly, what you need to decide before you get for yourself Aquarius tattoo designs tattooed would be to find a good tattoo artist and consult with them what your requirements are. Sitting with your tattoo artist is very important for by doing this you will be able to understand the style of the artists as well as make them understand your expectations from this lifelong investment. If you are not satisfied with what the tattoo artist is offering you, it is advised that you consult a different artist to choose the tattoo designs.  What is important in this procedure is that you need to be comfortable about the tattoo design you have decided upon, and also being creatively satisfied. An Aquarius needs to have the best of creativity, and so before you choose an outrageous design, think about it and settle for your own sun sign for that is a thing that will remain with you till your last day.

Secondly, the forms of designs that are in sync with the Aquarius tattoo designs are not a few. But you should be able to combine the designs to get the perfect Aquarius tattoo according to your individuality. Waves or drops of water in aqua colors are good designs when combined with the astrological glyph of the sun sign. You could also combine some interesting quote about Aquarians with such little symbols. Being as unconventional as a true Aquarian, you would want to make your tattoo different from what Aquarius tattoo designs have been tattooed as generally. Add your own touches of creativity, like shades or scratches of water like colors.

When you have decided about the design you want to get, think over it. Remember that this will stay with you for your whole life. A tattoo is a commitment that has to be fulfilled. You can get a tattoo removed, but that will cost more money and more physical pain than getting it done. What the positive side of getting your sun sign symbol patterned as a tattoo is that it is something that is a part of your identity.

Aquarius tattoo

This was about the designs. But after you get the designs done, you need to take care of the design. If you are getting the tattoo needled by an experienced artist, they will suggest you names of skin ointments to apply over the wound. I am calling the tattooed area a wound because until it gets dried, it is raw flesh being needled. It is important to get proper injections before you tattoo yourself for that reduces chances of getting any disease whatsoever. Also, taking good care of the tattooed place is important. You must not use soap and water on the area for at least a week, and also must not expose the area to direct sunlight till the skin is healed. While applying the ointment, you will experience that the upper layers of the skin gets dried and comes out. This is a natural process as the tattooing action has killed the adjoining cells of the skin.

It is good to visit your tattoo artist after a week or so to get the place thoroughly inspected. Once they tell you that the tattoo has healed properly go ahead and flaunt your unique Aquarius design tattoo. With good amount of research and creativity, it is bound to become a piece of art that will get you great attention.