In 1977 Arachnid Inc. introduced the worlds first soft tip dart board and ever since the sport of soft tip darts has grown in Arachnid Dart Boardspopularity. Today Arachnid dart boards can be found everywhere, from your neighbor's garage to the bar down the street. If you have ever played darts very much you more than likely have played on an Arachnid dart board and you more than likely played the game of cricket. Cricket is one of the more popular dart games and for this reason Arachnid Inc. developed the cricket series of dart boards. So for anyone that would like to know more about Arachnid dart boards cricket series here is a list and closer look at some of the more popular models.

To start this list off right it only makes since to discuss the most widely available Arachnid dart boards because lets face most people don't like to wait. They want to be able to read about a dartboard online then head out the door to the local walmart pick up that exact board and start playing. Especially when it's your first electronic dart board and you can't wait to play. That is precisely what you can do with the Arachnid Cricket Master 110 electronic dart board. It is available at Walmart and many online retailers like Amazon. The Cricket Masters 110 is a basic electronic dartboard with standard options like voice prompting, eight player scoring and 24 games including five versions of cricket. For $65.00 this entry level electronic dart board comes with everything you would need to play right out of the box. It includes the dartboard, six Arachnid darts, replacement tips, mounting hardware and an a/c adaptor. A great first board by any bodies standards but if you want a little more then the next model is for you.

The Arachnid Cricket Master 300 electronic dart board is basically the same as the 110 with a few slight improvements. Cricket Master 300 has seven versions of cricket, displays four of the eight player's scores simultaneously and has 36 games with 175 options. Other differences include a voice recording feature that allows the computer to call out the name of the players when it is their turn. In all this is a very complete dartboard and for a reasonable $95.00.

One thing about the previous two Arachnid dart boards is that they are smaller than regulation size at 13.5" regulation size is 15.5" but that all changes with the next model in the cricket series. The Arachnid Cricketpro 425 talking electronic dart board is regulation size has micro thin segment dividers for reducing bounce outs, a sleep mode for times when the board is on but no one is playing and 22 games five of which are versions of cricket. A quick look around the web shows this board doesn't get very good reviews for a number of reason and it cost the same as the Cricket Master 300, just an observation that might be useful to some.

Next is the Arachnid Cricket Pro 520 it has 5 different cricket games, 27 games total, and 123 options, is regulation size and comes with an interactive heckler feature that shoots out sarcastic comments when a player throws poorly and positive comments for good throws. This model is a step up from the rest in quality and the price reflects this at $150.00 but it is well worth the money.

There are three models left in the Arachnid dart board's cricket series and they are the cream of the crop containing the most games and features in the series. Try not to let the prices scare you, these dartboards are normally purchased by seasoned dart throwing veterans that more than likely play everyday. The Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 a all around great dartboard and is available in a few different ways. Firstly it can be purchased as just the board itself, the second way its available is with a solid wood cabinet and third as part of the Arachnid Bullshooter Cricket Pro 650 free standing arcade style electronic dart board. No matter which version you purchase the dartboard itself is the same. It has 24 games with five versions of cricket, 132 options LED display of the players and cricket scores. Plan to pay right around $150 for just the board another fifty for the solid wood cabinet and over $250 for the Bullshooter setup.

The Arachnid Cricket Pro 750 has many great features including a handicapping option so players with a wide range of skills can play together, you can also use the solo feature and play alone to help improve your skills. There are 36 games 7 are versions of cricket, 175 options and a bounce out amend feature to keep everything fair, all this and more for $220 makes this a great dartboard.

Last but not least is the Arachnid CricketPro 800 the king of all Arachnid dart boards. It has 40 games total with 7 cricket games and 179 options. Segments are made from NylonTough for durability and it has micro thin segment dividers the help reduce those annoying bounce outs. This board of boards can be had for $250 but if you love to play darts it's worth it all.

All Arachnid dart boards are included with AC adapters, mounting hardware, game instructions, an operating manual, and a one year warranty against defects. Most if not all are also available in the following retail stores incase your wanting to run out and pick one of these beauties up right know: Dicks Sporting Goods, Walmart, Toys R Us Sears, and Kmart. And remember dartboards are loads of fun for the entire family and make great Christmas gifts. How many other games can you think of that can be played in the house that keeps you up and moving. What a great game.