One of the best bands of the last decade was without doubt The Arcade Fire. Arcade Fire is a Canadian indie rock band from Montreal. The band has been established by the couple Win Butler and Regine Chassagne and furthermore consists of Richard Reed Parry, William Butler, Tim Kingsbury, Sarah Neufeld and Jeremy Gara.

Arcade Fire’s music is a combination between post-punk and baroque pop. They are famous for the great variety of instruments they use for their songs. The have released three albums up till now: Funeral, Neon Bible and The Suburbs.


Win Butler born in the United States moved around 2001 from Boston to Montreal to study at the local university there. He studied religion, but was more interested in music and starting a band. He tried to establish a band in Boston, but this was no success. In Montreal he was able to find band members more easily.  The name Arcade Fire comes from a shocking story Win had heard in his childhood about a burning arcade hall with children trapped inside.

Around 2004 they began to record the first album, Funeral, in Maine. The album was sent to Merge Records and the record label was impressed by the quality of the band and immediately offered Arcade Fire a contract. Initially when the album was released, it didn’t sell very well.  However, when the critics of Pitchfork hailed the album, the sales began to sky rocket. The album was even nominated for a Grammy.

For the second album the band decided to record in an old church, in order to have better acoustics.  However the second album was less appreciated by the critics. It was still praised by magazines like Rolling Stone and Pitchfork, but less than funeral. The second album, called Neon Bible, has a different theme than the first album. This album is more about the outside world, politics and religion, while the first album was purely about the band and the members itself.

The third album, The Suburbs, is the most recent and was released in 2010. This album is about the life in the suburbs. The theme can be compared to the movie American Beauty. This is the band’s longest album so far with a playing time of more than an hour. The record won a Grammy, which is very surprising, since The Arcade Fire is such an alternative and obscure band.


Arcade Fire is currently busy with a new album. They are also touring the world and will attend some festivals in both Europe and America. It is unknown when the new album will be released.