Bone Tales

The human skeleton contains about 200 bones. Bones are rigid because they are made of calcium, which is the same substance that is in eggshells and teeth. When you are alive, your bones are alive to growing and changing. Blood runs through them like the rest of your body. bones have their own nerves, and they grow and absorb chemicals just like the rest of your body. This particular study of bone reading is evidenced in the study of ancient sites where human remains are still present. It has also been adapted and used in the solving of crimes, in the criminal justice system.

Through the analysis and study of a skeleton, archaeologists and scientists can discover various facts about a person, such as their; age, race, height, etc. They can determine how old the person was at the time of death, and can also determine the cause of death, although that is debatable. 

By looking and conducting the right scientific tests, it can also be seen whether the person had a certain disease, whether they had been starved or suffered illness in their youth. Also, through more extensive tests, professionals can determine what sort of foods a person consumed. It can also be tested to see what kind of work or exercise a person might have done throughout their life. However one should be warned that more often than not, scientists, archaeologists, and other professionals come up switch more than one explanation and theory, hence the ambivalent and ambiguous nature of the study that is history. 

Sarah Bisel is a renown Archaeologist who examined the skeletons found at the ancient city of Herculaneum. In the years she spent at Herculaneum, Dr. Bisel, studied a large number of skeletons in order to reconstruct the past, and shed light upon the people of Herculaneum. Her extensive work greatly assissted in the understanding and uncovering of the many questions and secrets of the buried city of Herculaneum. The method of reading bones she developed has also been adapted and altered in order to be applied to numerous other cases requiring answers through such means.

The study of history is thoroughly fascinating, I'm well aware that not everyone would agree with that statement, but I for one believe that history is life, ana individual is never complete without their history. History is not in the past, it is very much so a core componnet of the present, and the storyteller of the future.

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