archer cat splash screenArcher Cat is an iPhone game where you play a cat travelling the world to hunt down an evil witch who has put a curse on all the birds in the cat kingdom. The curse has made the birds insane, causing them to attack cats and bring about chaos in the kingdom. It is up to you, a nobody, to fix this. In your journey, you will battle different birds, explore dungeons and towers for treasures, meet other interesting felines and unfold the story behind the witch and the cats’ feud.


archer cat battleThe game consists primarily of two interfaces, the battle screen and the town. In the battle interface, the Archer Cat is located at the bottom of the screen with his bow and arrows geared and ready to fire. Random birds fly across the screen, attempting to attack the Archer Cat though different means if they are not destroyed quickly. These birds come in many forms, each with their own unique abilities and weaknesses and can be easily differentiated by their shape, size, and color. The Archer Cat wins the battle if he can survive the birds’ attack and destroy them. A quick tutorial at the start of the game familiarizes you with the battle system.

Although there is no tutorial for the town interface, the interface is cleverly designed to allow new players to navigate the different features intuitively. Not all features are available at the beginning of the game. As you progress in the game and clear different maps, additional features such as item enchantment, crafting and mini games will be unlocked.

Archer Cat Skill System

archer cat skills

To aid the Archer Cat in his quest, a mysterious elder cat teaches him skills progressively to match the stronger and tougher bird enemies. Each skill has its own strengths and can be leveled up to attain greater potency. For example, Poison Shot lets the Archer Cat shoot poison arrows. As you level the skill, Poison Shot has an increased chance to poison birds and a larger damage per second. Leveling these skills require large amounts of resources such as skill points, gold, and gems. Hence, you will need to find a good combination of skills and level them accordingly to make best use of your resources. 

Besides skill points, the Archer Cat will gain attribute points every time they gain enough experience to level up. These attribute points can be allocated among damage, critical chance, health points and mana points and you’re free to put points any way you want.

Item System

archer cat itemsOther than the effective utilization of skills in battle, a critical element in determining the success of your Archer Cat lies in his equipment. Your Archer Cat can equip a bow, armor, and two rings to improve his stats. Every time a battle is won, you stand a chance to receive a bow or armor. Certain levels which that show treasure chest icon on the map give a guaranteed item if you are able to defeat the much stronger enemies there. You can also purchase items from the shop, but I found the shop overpriced and rarely having any items worth buying. Your items come with different rarities, bonus attributes, enchantment slots, and sockets.


Enchantment and crafting

An item with enchant slots can be enchanted for additional stats. A rarer armor will have more enchant slots than a common one. Enchanting an item uses up gold and has a chance for failure. You can pay more gold to increase the success rate or pay with diamonds to guarantee a successful enchantment.

Archer Cat also has a crafting system that lets you craft bows and armors into rings. In fact, rings are only obtainable through crafting. The stats on the rings will depend on the items you use to craft them so it is advisable to use better items as ring-crafting can be expensive.
Both enchantment and crafting are features that are not available in the beginning of the game but will be unlocked as you progress.

Action Points

Archer Cat has an energy system where energy is consumed every time the Archer Cat goes into a battle. The amount of energy used is higher when your cat battles in higher level areas or in areas where a treasure is guaranteed. Energy automatically regenerates after some time or you can buy fish from the shop to restore energy.


archer cat mapIf you do not mind a slow but steady progression, you can easily farm gold by repeating the latest cave or tower that you have cleared. You will gain a random item each time, which can potentially be your next weapon or armor upgrade. Even if it is not, the item can be sold off in the shop for quite a good amount of gold. The tougher enemies in these caves and towers also equate to higher experience points which allow you to level up faster.

Gold and Diamond

If you have not realized by now, most of the functions in the Town interface require gold and diamond. From enchanting and crafting to buying of equipment and Action Points, the game requires huge amount of gold and diamond to produce a powerful Archer Cat who can win battles and make progress in the story. Fortunately, you can gain gold and diamond by repeating previous levels. Alternatively, you have the option of buying gold and diamond with real money. While it may seem repetitive, I recommend farming gold and diamond through repeating battles as you can level up faster too. You may find some good items along the way.


In conclusion, Archer Cat is an enjoyable game which is great for killing time. Its battle system is easy to learn and yet difficult to master. While the frequent lack of gold and diamond may be annoying at times, this annoyance is adequately mitigated by the enjoyment derived from finding rare and powerful items. In addition, the customization of skill and stats points gives the game replay value as you can experiment with different builds.


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