This one-eyed fellow would blend right in in the set of a Terminator movie. Its unusual name is borrowed from a fish species that spurts out water jets to knock down above-water insects, and give its robot-head-like design you could be forgiven for thinking that the camera thinks for itself. In fact, you wouldn't exactly be wrong.

Archerfish Solo

Dubbed the "thinking camera", the main selling point of the Archerfish Solo is that it is intelligent - it actually tries to identify moving objects (not just your usual on/off motion detection) so that you could, for example, tell it to ignore cars but alert you when it sees what it thinks is a person.

You can also set it to only detect movements in selected areas of the image (up to three different areas in any shape) and send a recording of detected movements to your phone or your email address. The video below explains how it works, as well as giving you a chance to check out the video quality.

The manufacturer states that the camera can adjust to lighting conditions that are as low as 0.1 lux. Really though, how many people do you know who walk into a room and say "hmm, this room seems to be around 0.1 lux in brightness, I should turn on the lights"? In case you're wondering, 0.1 lux is what you'd expect from a half-moon on a clear night with no other lighting sources. This video of a supposedly real-life robbery caught by the Archerfish in low-light conditions should be more revealing (no pun intended).

The actual "artificial intelligence" processing doesn't take place in the camera itself, but over at the Archerfish servers which you can interact with through the Archerfish web portal. The general consensus is that it actually does a fairly good job of what it advertises (i.e. distinguishing between a deliveryman and a T-1000 Terminator, for example).

The Archerfish web portal is free for most functions, but you can upgrade to an advanced membership for more features like video notifications for $5 per month. Its 352x288 or 640x480 resolution feed can be viewed from anywhere with an internet connection and a web browser, and if you buy more than one of these gadgets you can manage multiple units through your one online account.

The camera itself both records directly to a microSD memory card and transmits live video to your online Archerfish account through a 802.11b/g wireless router without the need for a computer. The WiFi connection is reportedly fast and reliable, but note that there is no audio.

Customers have noted its robustness and reliability (it also has an IP54 weatherproof rating), although it isn't suitable for extremely cold climates as it cannot operate in temperatures below -10°C.

Most users find that installation and usage is quick and easy, and in cases of technical difficulty Archerfish is known to actually remotely control your computer (with your consent of course) to fix the problem.

The camera measures 4.5" x 2.25" x 1.5", weighs 4.4oz and requires a power outlet. Included is the camera, a power supply, a wall mount and a 2GB microSD card.