Arco Idaho is is located in Butte County and has an estimated population of 982 in 2007. The town of Arco Idaho is steeped in nuclear research history. Craters Of The Moon is located near Arco Idaho. Craters Of The Moon is a popular place for tourists to visit in the summer time.

The original name of Arco was Root Hog.

Arco IdahoOn July 17th 1955 Arco Idaho became the first town in the world to be powered by nuclear powered electricity. The Idaho National Laboratory located near Arco was the source of the nuclear power. The Idaho National laboratory, at the time named "The National Reactor Testing Station", is located outside of Arco and is the employer for many people in the area. Many of the workers at the Idaho National laboratory live in Ammon or Idaho Falls and commute to the facility. The Idaho National laboratory is the largest employer in Arco.

In 1955 the nuclear reactor at the Idaho National Laboratory melted at caused 3 deaths. It was the only direct deaths to have ever occurred in the United States from a nuclear reactor meltdown. At the time of the melt down it was the first deaths to ever occur from a nuclear reactor meltdown in the world. Another meltdown that occurred that many people are familiar with is Chernobyl. The three military members that died that day were so extensively covered with radioactive particles that they had to be buried in lead coffins to prevent the contamination from spreading.

Arco Idaho has a restraint called "Pickles" that is very popular with many people who travel thru Arco. The rocks on the hill in Arco have numbers painted on them all over. Each year the senior class of the local high school trek up and paint there class year somewhere on the Rocks. It is always fun to stop with your family and see which is the oldest class number you can find.

Arco Idaho is a desert. Summers in Arco Idaho can be extremely hot but in the winter time the temperatures can get extremely cold.

The cost f living in Arco Idaho is relatively cheapo when compared to larger cities in Idaho such as Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Boise, and even Twin Falls. Living in Arco means you get the western heritage small town style of life that you may want yet you can easily drive to a larger city such as Pocatello or Idaho Falls to do large city things such as shopping at Wal-Mart or going to the drive in movies.

As with many towns in Idaho the local high school has a rodeo team. The high school rodeo team is a lot of fun to watch. They are very talented but considering many of them grew up riding horses on the family ranch it is should come as no surprise.

Even though Arco Idaho is small town they have a large number of businesses. The business climate in Arco Idaho has always been friendly towards the local businesses ans supporting them.

Arco Idaho can be seen as a beautiful town or an ungodly hot desert town. I prefer the former. Arco Idaho is a very unique town in the great history of the State of Idaho.