Arctic Cat Prowler 4x4 ATV pictures can be hard to come by, so here's a collection of images showing off these sleek and beastly all terrain vehicles in action. Arctic cat prowlers are capable of operating in all kinds of environments and with their four wheel drive capability they are virtually unstoppable on land or in low water areas. With a ground clearance of 12.5 inches and boasting a top speed of 63 miles per hour, the Arctic Cat Prowler packs a lot of power into its small two-seater package. 

Arctic Cat Prowler 4 Wheeler Picture

As you can see from the picture, two people can ride comforable in this compact ATV, and there is a modest carry rack and trunk space in the back. A medium framed roll cage protects riders and there are two small padded head-rests. This all terrain vehicle is capable of chugging throuh water so high that it comes up past its driver's foot!

Always remember that when you're driving off-road you must wear proper safety equipment including a helmet rated for ATV vehicle piloting, gloves, and pads. The arctic cat prowler can even traverse logs that have fallen into the center of the road when in the hands of a skilled operator. Here's a picture of an arctic cat prowler that's received a red paint-job: 

Arctic cat prowler snapshot with red paint


Some drivers complain that the 25 tires on this ATV are a bit small given its over all frame and its engine, but this video review of the arctic cat all terrain vehicle shows what it's capable of even when you take it into challenging environments:


Arctic Cat Prowler 4x4 ATV Video Review

This arctic cat has seen some better days - but this is a good image if you're trying to get a sense of how your ATV will look after it gets some wear and tear on it. When you're trying to take good care of your all terrain vehicle, it will need the usual preventative maintenance such as oil changes and greasing engine parts but you'll also want to be diligent about cleaning off river water or salt water that splashes up. The salt can really take a toll on your paint job and cause corrosion and rust on struts and ATV engine parts. 

Used Arctic Cat Prowler Four by Four for sale

The interior is surprisingly roomy and can sit two larger sized people comfortably, while little amenities like a deeply recessed cubby hole in the front dash make it easy to bring your personal belongings and essential gear along with you. 

This all terrain vehicle is appropriate for both recreational and utility purposes. With a 1,500 lb towing capacity, the arctic cat can haul a good deal of equipment, a trailer full of debris or yard trash, or other junk that's taking up space. Meanwhile, the rear cargo box on the back can hold up to 400lbs without affecting the overall performance and mobility of this two-seater ATV. 

Even if you're not interested in using the prowler for its hauling capabilities, you can pack plenty of weekend camping gear in the back and be set for a fun weekend ride.