4ft Bed


Great space-saver

Good for kids rooms



Too small

Can be uncomfortable

Useless for the large physique

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Bed size has a two-fold meaning. On one side it is the denomination for the size of the bed itself and on the other hand it is denotes the size of the mattress to be suitably used on the bed. The dimension and names of the beds differ considerably from one country to another; almost all countries maintain their own specifications about bed sizes. Accordingly, terminology or the names of the bed specifications also differ a lot.

Whatever the reason behind this, few people know that there is a great deal of difference between European standard and US standard specification. The difference, according to many experts, exists because of the difference between the metric and imperial systems the two continents employ.

In European convention 4 ft beds are mainly considered as a single bed, although in some specific cases, it can also be considered as a small double bed - in most stores though, à ƒÃ‚ ‚ if you ask for a single bed you will be shown a 4 ft bed.

According to one research survey in US looking at 4 ft beds, it was revealed that the physical size of the user played the largest role in determining whether or not this sized bed was adequate. It reached the conclusion that the average American needed a bed 6 inches larger to accommodate our increasing size.

When we buy a new single bed, our preference seems to be for the divan type bed as the 4ft divan bed has been at the top of the best sellers list for almost 10 years now. This is perhaps understandable given that we are living in smaller spaces nowadays, so the added benefit of extra storage space that many divans provide makes them the ideal choice for a small apartment.

When it comes to choosing a new bed, whatever size you are looking for, the bed frame is something you should be looking at closely. As well as being an integral part of bed itself, it will enhance the quality of your sleep and increase the life-span of your cheap bed mattress if you spend a little more money to get a bit more quality. With a divan type bed this is especially important and if you can afford to invest in a new box spring for your new mattress, it will be money well spent. Generally speaking a bed frame is made up of side rails, foot and head rails; sometimes you will find that a larger sized bed may require a central rail for better comfort and safety for the users. In case of very large beds, central support rail will always be there for better support for the users.

So while a 4ft mattress might not be large enough any more for the average American, it's not all bad news for this type of bed. A 4ft bed is great space saver and thus widely used as kid's furniture. There are many places to find a great American mattress at a great price, and these include the Internet, your local mattress store or one of the big chain retailers.

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